Friday, January 9, 2015

It's that time of year...

Let me start out by saying-
I hope you had an
amazing and blessed
holiday season-
I know we did!
I loved seeing the boys excitement
and sharing traditions with them.
It was also wonderful to
spend time with
family and friends.
That is what the holiday season is all about-
family, traditions, and some fun!
Time with friends enjoying Rotary Lights
Tim and I even got to get
dressed up to enjoy
a "night of elegance"
for his work Christmas party.

I also got to mark off an item on my bucket list-
a horse drawn carriage ride
through Rotary Lights!
 We wrapped up our celebrations
with a trip to Missouri
to visit Papa and GJ.
While we were there
we all attended a
Mizzou Men's Basketball Game.
Aidan and his Scensty Buddy- Tucker Truman
(middle name after the Mizzou mascot)
Mizzou won
and we all had a great time!
All of our celebrations are over.
The tree and decorations have all been put away.
The boys are back to school.
It always comes and goes too fast!
With all of that behind us
we now have a new year
to look forward to and plan for.
I know we are already a week into it :)
We have all seen the posts and
articles about resolutions.
Like so many,
I have made resolutions
in the past but a few months in
start to forget about it
and fall off track.
Recently I read about some new ideas
that I thought were very interesting
and that I am going to try this year.
The first was picking one word
for the year and focusing on that one word-
think of it as a theme for the year.
The second is to make
"mini" resolutions (or goals)
each month-
these focus on your word
but in different aspects of your life
and you add to them with each new month.
Does all of that make sense?
Think long and hard and choose a word
to help inspire and shape you throughout this year.
Keep this word in mind when setting your monthly goals.
My word/theme for 2015 is going to be:


I am ready to challenge my limits
and to make some changes!
How about you?
What is your word for 2015?
Think about it and join me on this journey:)
Here are a few of the goals
that I would like to incorporate
into this year.

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