About Me & My Family

My beautiful family
I am the mom of three very busy and active boys:  Riley (12), Isaac (9), and Aidan (5). I am the wife of Tim- the greatest, most supportive husband ever. I work part-time as a Health Unit Coordinator and I am also a Scentsy Independent Consultant.
Over the past few years my husband and I have been working to make changes to be healthy examples for our children. We started running four years ago with the goal of being able to finish a 5K race. 

We have gone on to accomplish so much more- we have completed several half marathons and even did a FULL marathon in 2013!  Each year we have tried to tackle a new challenge- 5K, half marathon, trail race, full marathon, and in 2014 my goal was a triathlon!

It hasn't always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it! Now we love to be active as a family- running, biking, swimming, hiking- you name it! There is still so much more that we would like to change and accomplish. We are determined to get our diet, fitness, and life in check! Together we are working on balancing the whole package and we are DETERMINED to get it done!
 Operation Determination was born to share this journey with you and to hold myself (really ourselves, because who are we kidding, Tim is along for the ride too) accountable! I invite you to join me on this journey and see that there is no force equal to that of a DETERMINED WOMAN (or even a DETERMINED FAMILY)!

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