Thursday, June 30, 2016


Seriously, my last post was April 28th??????? You mean to tell me that I haven't updated you on my crazy life since then?!? My life has been a sort of whirl-wind since then and I have had posts written in my head but I guess they never made it to the blog!

Here are just a few things that have happened since then (more details to follow in upcoming posts and with pictures, of course):
  • Isaac turned 11
  • Tim, Riley and I trained for a half marathon
  • Tim and Isaac went to EBELC for a multiple day field trip for 5th grade
  • Riley did middle school track
  • Riley was conference champion for the triple jump
  • Riley turned 14
  • Tim, Riley and I  spent a weekend in Green Bay celebrating Riley's 14th birthday
  • Riley ran his first half marathon and ROCKED it!
  • Tim and I ran and finished the Green Bay Half
  • Dad had a health scare that sent us on an urgent trip to Missouri for Memorial Day weekend.
  • Riley graduated 8th grade
  • Last day of school
  • Baseball, baseball, and more baseball
  • All three boys play games on Tues/Thur nights
  • Aidan turned 7
  • Very little running after GB due to an angry right leg
  • I spent an AMAZING weekend in Madison for the HER Madison Half and 5k
  • Riley has busy days with summer school, strength, band and baseball
  • Isaac and Aidan are busy with track and baseball
  • I still work full time
  • Tim works full time and is coaching Riley's baseball team
  • We are trying to keep up on laundry, house work, yard work and keeping everyone fed
  • Operate day by day
I think we have had just a few things going on in the past couple of months... no wonder it felt like that time went so fast!

I really miss blogging so I will be working on getting some updates done as I am able. There are lots and lots of pictures to document most of the above :)