Monday, December 9, 2013

YMCA Jingle Bell 5 Mile Race & Rudolph's Dash 2013

Life has been NUTS!
Working extra shifts,
work meetings,
work trainings,
basketball practices,
basketball games,
school programs,
Tim working on a side project,
traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend,
sick kid,
birthday parties-
the list goes on and on!
I am sure you know how it is-
it seems everyone is busier and busier these days.
Even with all of this craziness going on
I have been working out regularly.
It was necessary to keep me sane!
Life happened.
Great workouts happened.
Blog posts DID NOT!
Now that I am back
the first thing I have to share
is my Jingle Bell 5 Mile Race Recap.
The Jingle Bell Race is part of the local YMCA Winter Running Series.
There is a 5K or 5 mile option and
you can sign up for individual races
or the three race series.
In 2012 I ran this race with my best friend
and a couple of other Coulee Region MRTT (Moms Run This Town) ladies.
This year, Tim and I signed up for the 5 mile series.
Packet pick-up was Thursday/Friday
and was super easy and quick.
Here is the forecast that we woke up to race morning:
We are in the middle of a cold snap!
We thought the Turkey Trot was chilly
but this was going to be worse.
We bundled up
and headed to The Y
where we had to get our timing chip
to attach to our ankles.
Since it was so cold,
we hung out inside the lobby
until it was time to start.
I was able to meet up with a co-worker
and a fellow MRTT momma before the race.
We were also able to get some pre-race pictures.
Micca, me, Nikki

me and my honey:)

Everyone trying to stay warm inside before the race.

Nikki the Running Ninja
Once it was about time to start we headed outside to the start line.

Heading outside to get started.
We were able to get a few more pictures
 and before we knew it we were off.
Pre-race: Running Ninjas
 Tim and I got separated a bit at the beginning.
As you can imagine,
due to the weather
it wasn't a large race
so we were able to get back together quickly.
The first mile or so my fingers were cold
but it really wasn't that bad.
It wasn't long and we came to the first mile marker- 8:54-
not too shabby!
I felt pretty good that first mile and was happy to see my time.
Shortly before the two mile mark
we made a turn and at that point
my fingers were starting
to get very warm.
I started to flip open my gloves for short periods of time
and then they would get cold again so I would have to close them.
About that same time I could feel my eye lashes
freezing together
and some of the frost from my hat was melting
and dripping down my face.
Mile 2- 8:50 pace
Again, seeing this time felt great
and I was still feeling strong.
As we started to close in on the 3 mile mark I started feeling it.
It was hard to breath through my mask
so I pulled it down but then the cold air
was hard on my lungs.
I tried to pull my mask back up over my nose
but it wouldn't stay because it was all wet from breathing
through it and it kept falling back down.
Mile 3- 9:00 pace
Between mile 3 and 4 I was ready to be done.
Despite feeling like we started out at a good pace- it may have been too fast.
Before mile 4 we merged with the 5K runners.
Tim and I were able to pass several runners at this point
 and it felt good!
It may have been just the push we needed.
Mile 4- 8:51 pace
In the beginning Tim and I talked off and on.
By this point it was pretty quiet.
We were both focused on keeping our pace
and getting it done!
As we made one of the last turns
and could see the Y,
I started to not be able to breathe.
The cold air was making it so hard to breathe
and I just couldn't catch my breath.
I tried to take a couple of deep breaths
and just keep pushing to the finish.
It didn't feel like I had much of a final push
but we got it done and were very excited
to see the final mile split of 8:38 pace.
My MotoActv said our time was 43:34.
Our official time ended up to be 43:39.
We were super happy with our time!
After looking at each other
we had to get a post-race picture!
Post-race: Jack and Jill Frost
As soon as we got the picture we headed inside
to warm up and grab some pancakes.

My Stats:
Gun Time: 43:39
Overall Place: 46/91
Division Place: 5/12
Sex Place: 15/45
Tim's Stats:
Gun Time: 43:39
Overall Place: 45/91
Division Place: 10/12
Sex Place: 31/46
In the end we heard that race temp was about -13 to -15 with wind chill.
After eating and visiting with friends
it was time to head home to take warm showers
and head back with Isaac and Aidan for the Rudolph's Dash.
Aidan did the race last year
and had been talking about it forever.
I wasn't sure how it was going to go with it being so cold
 so I was hesitant to sign him up.
After he continued to talk about it
 I decided to sign him and Isaac up
when I went to packet pick-up.
Aidan would be doing the 50 yd dash
and Isaac would do the 200 yd dash.
Once we got home and were getting them ready to go
Aidan was saying he didn't want to do it.
Isaac was very excited and was all ready to go.
We finally headed out and
once we were there Aidan didn't want to get out of the car.
He did this last year and ended up running with me holding his hand.
We headed inside and I got Isaac's number pinned on
while Aidan kept hiding from me.
Isaac was excited and ready to go.
By the time I finally got both of them ready
we headed to the gym to find
the kids making their way outside in a line.
We joined in and I had to carry Aidan because he still didn't want to do it.
I figured once I got him to the start line
he would do it just like he did the Jr. Gobbler.
I put him down with the rest of the kids
and started to make my way to the finish line
and he started walking away from the other kids.
As they said go he just stood there!
I ended up going back and walking with him.
He wouldn't even run
and when we got to the end he didn't want his ribbon
and wanted nothing to do with Santa and Rudolph.
I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

This is the best picture I got of Aidan.
 I wouldn't have forced him to do it
if he hadn't talked about it like crazy before hand.
He was the one telling us that he wanted to do it
so we signed him up!
Who knows what was up that morning!
After another age group of kids raced it was time for Isaac to go.
He was all pumped and excited to sprint it out!

Isaac is in the blue sweatshirt with the blue and orange hat.
  As soon as they said "go"
he took off and pulled ahead.
I wasn't sure if he could hold onto the lead
as they turned the corner to come towards the finish line
but as you can see he did great!
Isaac in the lead as they turned the corner.

Isaac in the lead and pulling away from the group.

Isaac coming to the finish line- he was pretty proud of himself after looking back.

I think Isaac is going to be my runner;)

Isaac and Aidan after Rudolph's Dash
Isaac did a great job
and was so proud of himself.
I have to admit that I was one proud momma too!
Overall, I think it was a great morning!
When you sign up for a race in December in Wisconsin
you just never know what you are going to get
and I think we made the best of it!
The YMCA does a great job putting on this race
and the price is awesome-
for the whole series we paid
about what you would pay for a single race-
can't beat that!
Doing the 5 mile series is also a great way for us to stay motivated this winter!
Stay tuned for recaps on the rest of the series-
The New Years Resolution Run in January
The Valentine's Heart Throb in February.
Edited 1/6/13 to add race stats