Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Motivation

Why is it that the weekends always seem to go so fast?
Our weekend didn't go as planned
but we still managed to get in some fun family time
and a few good workouts.
Friday afternoon
Tim and I took advantage of the
beautiful day and got outside for a run
and then followed it up
with our "weekly challenge exercises".
 After getting our sweat on together
we got cleaned up
and headed out for a nice dinner together.
Saturday was all about basketball
and family time.
Isaac's team had two games
as part of a local tournament.
They didn't win either game
but it was fun to watch Isaac.
He really hustles
and has become very aggressive on the court.
He has made great improvements
and that is what it is all about.

Between games we enjoyed a family lunch
at one of our favorite restaurants.

After the games were over we took a little road trip
to Rochester so we could go to Trader Joe's
and stock up on some of our favorite items.
Before heading home
we also checked out a couple of other stores.
Isaac was the only one that wanted to check out
 Bed, Bath, and Beyond
and we had a lot of fun with him in the store.
We did not put him up to this!
this was all him!
Does Isaac make a better Anna or Elsa?

Who knew you could have so much fun
in Bed, Bath, and Beyond?
He is so silly!
But that is why I love him so much!!
Next up was Sports Authority
and of course
everyone wanted to check out that store.

 Boys will be boys
and couldn't pass up
playing on the giant concrete balls in front of the store!
Sunday was supposed to bring a
trip to visit Grandma
and a girls day with my cousin.
We had planned to go snowshoeing
and I was looking forward to it
but the weather didn't cooperate
and we decided to reschedule.
We made the best of the change in plans
and got things done at home.
We headed to the Y to get in a workout
to find that Y Watch had closed an hour earlier.
We left the older boys there to play basketball
and headed home with little man
to do our workout in the basement.
We got our "weekly challenge exercises" done
and then I got in a good 30 minutes
on the trainer while watching a movie with little man.
I am grateful that we have options when
situations like that come up!
It wasn't the workout that I was hoping for
but something was better than nothing at that point!
Now, you are probably wondering
what I am talking about when I refer
to our "weekly challenge exercises".
This is something
that my best friend and I
have been doing since the first of the year
 as a way to
support each other,
add in strength training
and keep each other accountable.
Each week we pick certain exercises
that we are going to do all week (at least 5/7 days).
These are workouts that are short enough
to still do after a long 12 hour shift
(so I am at least doing something on the days I work)
but are also still challenging.
Last week our challenge exercises were:
100 crunches/sit-ups
50 squats
50/leg lunges
1 minute plank
Each exercise can be broken up however you need to
to get them done.
Here is what is in store for this week:
20 jumping jacks
20 crunches
20 squats
20 push-ups
:30 plank
Repeat x 3 for time
Each Monday I will try to post
what we have planned for the week
and you are welcome to join us!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Journaling and reflection

Over the past few months,
I found myself becoming more and more negative
and getting sucked into the negativity at work
and I didn't like it!
That is not who I am!
Because of this,
I have spent a lot of time researching
and reading about focusing on positive thoughts
and changing your mindset.
Yesterday I told you about setting daily intentions
and that has really helped me.
Something else that I have been doing
is journaling and ending the day
with some reflection.
I have read a lot about how these two things can
really help keep your thoughts positive
 and help you see the good.
It also gives you a place for the negativity to go.
I found a few journal prompts that have been really helpful-
** Think back over the day and give one situation for each category:
High, Low, Weird
** Think back over the day and answer the following:
This made me SMILE today:
This made me THINK today:
This is something I wish I had DONE DIFFERENTLY today:
This is something I LEARNED today:
This is the GOOD I did today:
Over the past week I have used these prompts
to start conversations
and I have to say it was so much FUN!
They were very well received at work,
where there has been such a negative vibe lately-
 I plan to continue to end my shifts
 reflecting on my day in this way.
In an effort to change the negative vibe
I am also going to make it a practice to
ask these questions of my coworkers.
We have also been doing
something similar during dinner with the boys.
It is amazing the power that doing these things has.
It really does help change your mindset when you reflect on your day in this way!
Give it a try and let me know what you think:)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Active Living

Lately, I have been seeing Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
posts where they set daily intentions.
I have also noticed a pattern

where several use hashtags of:

(when I had some extra time in front of the computer
and was looking for things to "research")
I remembered these posts and "googled"
I found an amazing website
with an even more amazing philosophy!

I highly encourage you to check it out
but be prepared to spend some time there-

LOTS of time!


Move. Nourish. Believe

Move your body. Nourish from the inside out. Believe anything is possible.

These are the three pillars-

by recognizing their importance

and focusing on them daily,

you'll start to live a more active life.

But what does that mean?

Active Living

Getting more out of life by giving more of yourself everyday.

Who wouldn't want that???

I think this is really what I have been searching for!

So many of the "articles" on the website

really got me thinking

and "hit home" for me.

This is what I am striving for-

Active Living!!!

 So, that brings me back to the whole daily intentions deal.

What is that all about?

It is a daily commitment to living your best, active life.

Start each day by asking yourself... What is my MNB intention today?

This is something that I have started doing

and have to say that I really enjoy-

I feel less overwhelmed

and more focused!

It doesn't have to be fancy-

Use a pad of post-it notes

or scraps of paper,

a simple notebook

or even a journal-

just write it down

and let it guide your day.

Just a simple composition notebook that I added some "embellishments" to.

Here is an example of mine from one day this week:

M: Complete weekly challenge exercises
N: Eat mindfully and control portions
B: I am energized!

I challenge you to give it a try!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Step out of your comort zone

 It's a happy Friday at our house for sure
and I hope it is for you too!
I am off this weekend
and have some fun things planned.
My kids are also excited that it is Friday
because it is an early release day
and they don't have school on Monday.

Yeah for long weekends!!
One thing that I am really working on
is challenging myself to

 step out of my comfort zone!
Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone
(with the support of a couple of my LIVESTRONG ladies)
and attended a group strength class at the Y.
One of our LIVESTRONG trainers was the instructor
so it shouldn't have felt like such a big step outside my comfort zone
but it did because I had no idea of what to expect.
The class was tough
but I loved every minute of it-
well maybe not while I was doing it-,
but it sure felt good to know that I did it once the class was over!

My Instagram from after that class:
I stepped out of my comfort zone today (with the help of some LIVESTRONG friends) and tried Stacy's group strength class. I really enjoyed it and will be going back in the future. It was so nice and sunny this afternoon that I couldn't pass up the chance to run outside.. note to self: Stacy's strength training class prior to a run will really put you out of your comfort zone on said run! Somehow I managed to get it done. I am exhausted but have a great sense of accomplishment.
My LIVESTRONG ladies and I
made plans to attend the class again this week
and I couldn't wait.
Wednesday night I got an email
saying that one of my friends
wasn't feeling well and wasn't going to make it.
I decided that I was going to go anyway-
Step out of my comfort zone
and go without knowing anyone!
I know it sounds silly
but I don't like attending classes
without knowing someone else there
so this really is a big step for me!

My Instagram photo from this week's class.
What a class!
I thought last week's class was a challenge-
that felt like the beginner edition
compared to this week!
The "warm-up" itself had me dripping with sweat.
It was definitely a challenge-
call me CRAZY but I LOVED it!
We made "field trips" from the studio to the gym
and those were probably my favorite parts of the class-
muscle ropes, medicine balls, glider pads, and weights (not pictured above)
 were used during the "field trips".
I even chatted with a few other people in the class
and got to know them a bit-
this is another big step for me
and one that really, really
pushes me out of that comfort zone.
Today I have some sore muscles
but it is definitely "happy pain"
and not nearly as bad
as I thought it might be!
That class really challenges me
and I am excited to go back.
I have already checked my schedule
and was very sad that I have to work next Thursday
so it will be a couple of weeks before I get back.

Do you attend fitness/workout classes? What are they? What's your favorite?
Is there anyone else out there that hates to attend classes without the support of a friend going?
Are you someone who finds it easy to talk to others around you or are you a "keep to yourself" person?
What did you do this week to step out of your comfort zone?
PLEASE SHARE your answers to the above questions by using the comment button below :)
If there have been no comments yet- click on "No Comments"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Square One

I often feel like I am starting over
and am back at square one.
Just when I am getting into a good routine
something always seems to happen-
it's called LIFE!
Recently, I came across this graphic
and it has really helped me re-frame my way of thinking-
Over the holidays I got a bit off track-
I was working out some and was trying to eat right!
With the start of the new year
I (once again) felt like I was starting over at square one.
But after seeing this quote
I am changing my thoughts on it-
LIFE happened-
I am not starting over-
it's all part of the journey!
Instead, I am looking back over my journey
 and I am realizing just how much more
knowledge, strength and power I have now
than when I was at square one.
Square one was when I couldn't even run a mile
(heck- I couldn't run a quarter of a mile).
Square one was when I wasn't strength training at all
(and didn't know anything about how to use the weights).
Square one was when I didn't pay ANY attention to what I ate.
I am most definitely not back there!
talked about how I am going to "forget perfect"
but it didn't talk much about the "honor progress" part.
I think that is another key piece of the puzzle for me!
I need to take time to reflect on my journey.
I am always challenging myself to be "better"
(to be perfect in my own eyes- but what that means I don't really know).
Sometimes you have to give yourself credit for how far you have come
to realize that you are "better".
That will help me keep in mind that I am not starting over-
I am just continuing on my journey.
LIFE (all of those things that seem to get in the way)
 is not a setback- IT IS THE JOURNEY
and we need to take time to embrace it!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Forget perfect. Honor progress.

Since writing my last post
I have really been thinking
 about my goals/area of focus for January
and I have to admit that
I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed!
I have so many things
that I would like to work on
and improve- in all aspects of my life.
I want to challenge myself in new ways this year!
The list of things that I would like
to accomplish this year is so long
that I am struggling to focus!
There are so many wheels turning
in my head and it is filled
with information and ideas
to the point where
I am feeling a bit paralyzed.
Honestly I don't even know where to begin
with this whole process.
I have so many wheels turning in my head!
I think each new year
brings with it the feeling of a fresh start-
a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again
on reaching our goals.
For some reason
this year I feel like
I have been putting pressure on myself
to figure out a plan for the whole year right now!
I was getting frustrated
with myself and couldn't figure
out what the problem was
and then I came across this:
What an eye-opener!
I quite possibly stumbled upon
my main goal for the year!
I think my problem
is that I am too busy
being a perfectionist-
trying to make everything in my life perfect-
that I am not allowing myself
to really figure out who I am
and/or what I want
or to celebrate the progress
that I have made over the past few years!
The more I think about it,
I think I feel the need to be perfect because
I am always worried about
how someone else might see me.
I have no idea, but it is crazy!
I am ready to stop feeling this way
and to be PROUD
because the truth is...
... I am a beautiful disaster!
As you could probably tell by this crazy, rambling post!
This year I am ready to
"Forget perfect and honor progress"
as the caption said!
While I spend some time
processing this bigger goal
I am going to take things day-by-day!
I am not sure why we always
feel the need to wait for a new year
or even a new WEEK sometimes).
Each new day is the chance to start fresh! 
For the rest of January,
I am just going to focus
on starting fresh each day
with smaller goals
to help me reach this bigger goal!
Ironically, I saw this post on Instagram today
and it was a great
reminder of my word of the year-

I think I have succeeded for today!
I really challenged myself
to take a deeper look
at myself
and to process my recent
sense of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated!
Now that I have started to figure it out
(and I have to admit that ALL of that happened through the process of the writing of this blog post)
it is time to develop a plan
and ATTACK it!
 I would also like to leave you with proof
that I am still working out!
AM workout- 30 min on bike in trainer followed by a chilly 3 mile walk

Friday, January 9, 2015

It's that time of year...

Let me start out by saying-
I hope you had an
amazing and blessed
holiday season-
I know we did!
I loved seeing the boys excitement
and sharing traditions with them.
It was also wonderful to
spend time with
family and friends.
That is what the holiday season is all about-
family, traditions, and some fun!
Time with friends enjoying Rotary Lights
Tim and I even got to get
dressed up to enjoy
a "night of elegance"
for his work Christmas party.

I also got to mark off an item on my bucket list-
a horse drawn carriage ride
through Rotary Lights!
 We wrapped up our celebrations
with a trip to Missouri
to visit Papa and GJ.
While we were there
we all attended a
Mizzou Men's Basketball Game.
Aidan and his Scensty Buddy- Tucker Truman
(middle name after the Mizzou mascot)
Mizzou won
and we all had a great time!
All of our celebrations are over.
The tree and decorations have all been put away.
The boys are back to school.
It always comes and goes too fast!
With all of that behind us
we now have a new year
to look forward to and plan for.
I know we are already a week into it :)
We have all seen the posts and
articles about resolutions.
Like so many,
I have made resolutions
in the past but a few months in
start to forget about it
and fall off track.
Recently I read about some new ideas
that I thought were very interesting
and that I am going to try this year.
The first was picking one word
for the year and focusing on that one word-
think of it as a theme for the year.
The second is to make
"mini" resolutions (or goals)
each month-
these focus on your word
but in different aspects of your life
and you add to them with each new month.
Does all of that make sense?
Think long and hard and choose a word
to help inspire and shape you throughout this year.
Keep this word in mind when setting your monthly goals.
My word/theme for 2015 is going to be:


I am ready to challenge my limits
and to make some changes!
How about you?
What is your word for 2015?
Think about it and join me on this journey:)
Here are a few of the goals
that I would like to incorporate
into this year.