Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Square One

I often feel like I am starting over
and am back at square one.
Just when I am getting into a good routine
something always seems to happen-
it's called LIFE!
Recently, I came across this graphic
and it has really helped me re-frame my way of thinking-
Over the holidays I got a bit off track-
I was working out some and was trying to eat right!
With the start of the new year
I (once again) felt like I was starting over at square one.
But after seeing this quote
I am changing my thoughts on it-
LIFE happened-
I am not starting over-
it's all part of the journey!
Instead, I am looking back over my journey
 and I am realizing just how much more
knowledge, strength and power I have now
than when I was at square one.
Square one was when I couldn't even run a mile
(heck- I couldn't run a quarter of a mile).
Square one was when I wasn't strength training at all
(and didn't know anything about how to use the weights).
Square one was when I didn't pay ANY attention to what I ate.
I am most definitely not back there!
talked about how I am going to "forget perfect"
but it didn't talk much about the "honor progress" part.
I think that is another key piece of the puzzle for me!
I need to take time to reflect on my journey.
I am always challenging myself to be "better"
(to be perfect in my own eyes- but what that means I don't really know).
Sometimes you have to give yourself credit for how far you have come
to realize that you are "better".
That will help me keep in mind that I am not starting over-
I am just continuing on my journey.
LIFE (all of those things that seem to get in the way)
 is not a setback- IT IS THE JOURNEY
and we need to take time to embrace it!

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