Saturday, January 24, 2015

Active Living

Lately, I have been seeing Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
posts where they set daily intentions.
I have also noticed a pattern

where several use hashtags of:

(when I had some extra time in front of the computer
and was looking for things to "research")
I remembered these posts and "googled"
I found an amazing website
with an even more amazing philosophy!

I highly encourage you to check it out
but be prepared to spend some time there-

LOTS of time!


Move. Nourish. Believe

Move your body. Nourish from the inside out. Believe anything is possible.

These are the three pillars-

by recognizing their importance

and focusing on them daily,

you'll start to live a more active life.

But what does that mean?

Active Living

Getting more out of life by giving more of yourself everyday.

Who wouldn't want that???

I think this is really what I have been searching for!

So many of the "articles" on the website

really got me thinking

and "hit home" for me.

This is what I am striving for-

Active Living!!!

 So, that brings me back to the whole daily intentions deal.

What is that all about?

It is a daily commitment to living your best, active life.

Start each day by asking yourself... What is my MNB intention today?

This is something that I have started doing

and have to say that I really enjoy-

I feel less overwhelmed

and more focused!

It doesn't have to be fancy-

Use a pad of post-it notes

or scraps of paper,

a simple notebook

or even a journal-

just write it down

and let it guide your day.

Just a simple composition notebook that I added some "embellishments" to.

Here is an example of mine from one day this week:

M: Complete weekly challenge exercises
N: Eat mindfully and control portions
B: I am energized!

I challenge you to give it a try!

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