Friday, January 23, 2015

Step out of your comort zone

 It's a happy Friday at our house for sure
and I hope it is for you too!
I am off this weekend
and have some fun things planned.
My kids are also excited that it is Friday
because it is an early release day
and they don't have school on Monday.

Yeah for long weekends!!
One thing that I am really working on
is challenging myself to

 step out of my comfort zone!
Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone
(with the support of a couple of my LIVESTRONG ladies)
and attended a group strength class at the Y.
One of our LIVESTRONG trainers was the instructor
so it shouldn't have felt like such a big step outside my comfort zone
but it did because I had no idea of what to expect.
The class was tough
but I loved every minute of it-
well maybe not while I was doing it-,
but it sure felt good to know that I did it once the class was over!

My Instagram from after that class:
I stepped out of my comfort zone today (with the help of some LIVESTRONG friends) and tried Stacy's group strength class. I really enjoyed it and will be going back in the future. It was so nice and sunny this afternoon that I couldn't pass up the chance to run outside.. note to self: Stacy's strength training class prior to a run will really put you out of your comfort zone on said run! Somehow I managed to get it done. I am exhausted but have a great sense of accomplishment.
My LIVESTRONG ladies and I
made plans to attend the class again this week
and I couldn't wait.
Wednesday night I got an email
saying that one of my friends
wasn't feeling well and wasn't going to make it.
I decided that I was going to go anyway-
Step out of my comfort zone
and go without knowing anyone!
I know it sounds silly
but I don't like attending classes
without knowing someone else there
so this really is a big step for me!

My Instagram photo from this week's class.
What a class!
I thought last week's class was a challenge-
that felt like the beginner edition
compared to this week!
The "warm-up" itself had me dripping with sweat.
It was definitely a challenge-
call me CRAZY but I LOVED it!
We made "field trips" from the studio to the gym
and those were probably my favorite parts of the class-
muscle ropes, medicine balls, glider pads, and weights (not pictured above)
 were used during the "field trips".
I even chatted with a few other people in the class
and got to know them a bit-
this is another big step for me
and one that really, really
pushes me out of that comfort zone.
Today I have some sore muscles
but it is definitely "happy pain"
and not nearly as bad
as I thought it might be!
That class really challenges me
and I am excited to go back.
I have already checked my schedule
and was very sad that I have to work next Thursday
so it will be a couple of weeks before I get back.

Do you attend fitness/workout classes? What are they? What's your favorite?
Is there anyone else out there that hates to attend classes without the support of a friend going?
Are you someone who finds it easy to talk to others around you or are you a "keep to yourself" person?
What did you do this week to step out of your comfort zone?
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  1. You go girl!!! My favorite workouts are PiYo, Running, and Zumba!!!
    Just A Mom Giving It A Tri