Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Motivation

Why is it that the weekends always seem to go so fast?
Our weekend didn't go as planned
but we still managed to get in some fun family time
and a few good workouts.
Friday afternoon
Tim and I took advantage of the
beautiful day and got outside for a run
and then followed it up
with our "weekly challenge exercises".
 After getting our sweat on together
we got cleaned up
and headed out for a nice dinner together.
Saturday was all about basketball
and family time.
Isaac's team had two games
as part of a local tournament.
They didn't win either game
but it was fun to watch Isaac.
He really hustles
and has become very aggressive on the court.
He has made great improvements
and that is what it is all about.

Between games we enjoyed a family lunch
at one of our favorite restaurants.

After the games were over we took a little road trip
to Rochester so we could go to Trader Joe's
and stock up on some of our favorite items.
Before heading home
we also checked out a couple of other stores.
Isaac was the only one that wanted to check out
 Bed, Bath, and Beyond
and we had a lot of fun with him in the store.
We did not put him up to this!
this was all him!
Does Isaac make a better Anna or Elsa?

Who knew you could have so much fun
in Bed, Bath, and Beyond?
He is so silly!
But that is why I love him so much!!
Next up was Sports Authority
and of course
everyone wanted to check out that store.

 Boys will be boys
and couldn't pass up
playing on the giant concrete balls in front of the store!
Sunday was supposed to bring a
trip to visit Grandma
and a girls day with my cousin.
We had planned to go snowshoeing
and I was looking forward to it
but the weather didn't cooperate
and we decided to reschedule.
We made the best of the change in plans
and got things done at home.
We headed to the Y to get in a workout
to find that Y Watch had closed an hour earlier.
We left the older boys there to play basketball
and headed home with little man
to do our workout in the basement.
We got our "weekly challenge exercises" done
and then I got in a good 30 minutes
on the trainer while watching a movie with little man.
I am grateful that we have options when
situations like that come up!
It wasn't the workout that I was hoping for
but something was better than nothing at that point!
Now, you are probably wondering
what I am talking about when I refer
to our "weekly challenge exercises".
This is something
that my best friend and I
have been doing since the first of the year
 as a way to
support each other,
add in strength training
and keep each other accountable.
Each week we pick certain exercises
that we are going to do all week (at least 5/7 days).
These are workouts that are short enough
to still do after a long 12 hour shift
(so I am at least doing something on the days I work)
but are also still challenging.
Last week our challenge exercises were:
100 crunches/sit-ups
50 squats
50/leg lunges
1 minute plank
Each exercise can be broken up however you need to
to get them done.
Here is what is in store for this week:
20 jumping jacks
20 crunches
20 squats
20 push-ups
:30 plank
Repeat x 3 for time
Each Monday I will try to post
what we have planned for the week
and you are welcome to join us!

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