Monday, January 12, 2015

Forget perfect. Honor progress.

Since writing my last post
I have really been thinking
 about my goals/area of focus for January
and I have to admit that
I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed!
I have so many things
that I would like to work on
and improve- in all aspects of my life.
I want to challenge myself in new ways this year!
The list of things that I would like
to accomplish this year is so long
that I am struggling to focus!
There are so many wheels turning
in my head and it is filled
with information and ideas
to the point where
I am feeling a bit paralyzed.
Honestly I don't even know where to begin
with this whole process.
I have so many wheels turning in my head!
I think each new year
brings with it the feeling of a fresh start-
a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again
on reaching our goals.
For some reason
this year I feel like
I have been putting pressure on myself
to figure out a plan for the whole year right now!
I was getting frustrated
with myself and couldn't figure
out what the problem was
and then I came across this:
What an eye-opener!
I quite possibly stumbled upon
my main goal for the year!
I think my problem
is that I am too busy
being a perfectionist-
trying to make everything in my life perfect-
that I am not allowing myself
to really figure out who I am
and/or what I want
or to celebrate the progress
that I have made over the past few years!
The more I think about it,
I think I feel the need to be perfect because
I am always worried about
how someone else might see me.
I have no idea, but it is crazy!
I am ready to stop feeling this way
and to be PROUD
because the truth is...
... I am a beautiful disaster!
As you could probably tell by this crazy, rambling post!
This year I am ready to
"Forget perfect and honor progress"
as the caption said!
While I spend some time
processing this bigger goal
I am going to take things day-by-day!
I am not sure why we always
feel the need to wait for a new year
or even a new WEEK sometimes).
Each new day is the chance to start fresh! 
For the rest of January,
I am just going to focus
on starting fresh each day
with smaller goals
to help me reach this bigger goal!
Ironically, I saw this post on Instagram today
and it was a great
reminder of my word of the year-

I think I have succeeded for today!
I really challenged myself
to take a deeper look
at myself
and to process my recent
sense of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated!
Now that I have started to figure it out
(and I have to admit that ALL of that happened through the process of the writing of this blog post)
it is time to develop a plan
and ATTACK it!
 I would also like to leave you with proof
that I am still working out!
AM workout- 30 min on bike in trainer followed by a chilly 3 mile walk

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