Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ideal run

Last nights quick two mile run with my hubby was almost perfect! Add some snow falling and a dusting on the ground and it would have been my "ideal run". The temperature was perfect. The full moon was amazing. The lights were beautiful and I got to spend time with my husband doing something that we love. He pushed me out of my comfort zone but it felt great to do it.
I love running this time of year. What a great way to check out the holiday lights!
I saw this posted on Facebook today and thought it was such a great reminder during this time of year when we can easily get caught up in wanting more.
I do have a good life and am very blessed!
What is your "ideal run"?
What are your doing during this holiday season to "do more"?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hustle and bustle

You always hear people talk about the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.. this year is going to be no different for us! There is so much going on in the next month or so that I can hardly keep it all straight. But that is also a good thing because much of it revolves around being active!
You have all of the normal, everyday life, kinds of things like: work, church, cooking, and cleaning. Then add in shopping for all of the right holiday gifts for family and friends along with trying to get some holiday baking done. Oh and trying to find the perfect tree and getting it all decorated. Don't forget the multiple holiday celebrations with family and friends! I love this time of year for all of the family traditions!
Next,  we add in the boys activites. Riley and Isaac have started basketball so that means practice for each of them once a week and games for each on Saturdays. Isaac also continues to have karate twice a week for another couple of weeks. He will also be testing for the first time this Saturday. It is so much fun to see him get so excited and be so proud about something.
Finally, our workouts and races! These are a must just to keep us sane! To help encourage us to maintain our workouts we are participating in a few challenges and have signed up for some races.
As I have already mentioned we are "streaking" with the 2012 Runner's World Holiday Running Streak. So far this is going great. We are right on track and are getting our miles in!
 I have also been participating in the Holiday Squat-a-thon. A friend posted this on Facebook so I decided to follow along too. So far, so good. We will see what I am saying when we get to Christmas!
My best friend and I are working on a "Christmas Gift to Ourselves Challenge". This is nothing formal just something that the two of us came up with to work on between now and Christmas. Feel free to participate as well and comment back with your progress. Here are the guidelines:
1) Hit the gym or road at least 3x/week
2) Pick 2-3 of the following 6x/week:
leg raises
???- other exercises of your choice
3) Diet-
cut out the junk
no sweets, no chips
good choices when eating out
no seconds, eat veggies
watch portion sizes
What do you get in the end for completing this challenge? It is a gift to ourselves to prove that we can do it! It will help make us more aware of what we are doing over the holiday season. So far for me the diet portion has been a struggle but I am working on it! It is making me pay more attention to what I am doing! We know we aren't going to be perfect- we just want progress in the right direction!
I need to keep reminding myself of this!
Another way I am staying on track is that I have signed up for some races! I always do best when I have a goal out there. Races keep me motivated and give me something to shoot for. 
First up is the Jingle Bell Run. This Saturday I will be joining some other MRTT members/friends to do the 5 mile race. For me it is always a race against myself. I will never win any of these races. I am just out to better myself (also a nice way of telling myself that I am the slowest of the group).
Next up is the Rotary Lights 5K Fun Run next weekend that we do as a family. This will be the third year that we have participated. It is such a fun race to do with the kids.
In January we will be headed back to Lake Geneva, WI  for a couples weekend and for the S-NO-W Fun Run .
Also for January, I have signed up for the MRTT Winter Runnerland Virtual Half Marathon
My big goal race is coming in March when my best friend and I will roadtrip across the country for the Shamrock Marathon/Anthem Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA.
Do you have a busy holiday season coming up? What are some of your family traditions?
What do you do to stay sane this time of year?
For runners/walkers, do you have any races coming up?

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Have you ever "streaked"? My husband and I have! I am talking about the kind of streaking where you run at least one mile every day for a period of time. We did the Runner's World summer streak from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July and it really encouraged us to get out there even when we didn't want to. It also forced us to get creative when life got busy. More than once we started our run shortly before midnight so that we could get a few miles in each day with only one run! Well it is time to streak again! Runner's World 2012 Holiday Running Streak has begun. Run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving until New Years. My husband and I are committed to making it happen again! Are you going to be with us?

It was a good thing we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Thanksgiving because the weather sure changed after that! Yesterday it didn't get above freezing and it was super windy! Since I am a wimp I headed to the Y to get my mile in on the treadmill. Then I decided to get in the water and swim a mile. The water is so relaxing and peaceful to me! I love the moment when you push off the wall and are gliding under water- it is so calm; all of the noise from the world is blocked out for a moment. I need to make sure that swimming stays as part of my regular routine. Maybe I am crazy but thoughts of doing a triathalon are starting to make their way back into my mind! 

Over the past few days I have developed a cold that is kicking my butt! I am not going to let it bring me down and decided to fight back by getting out there this morning for a run. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty but we headed out anyway with the goal of just getting our mile in for the streak. It was chilly so we had to bundle up for the first time this year. It was tough to begin with but after about 3/4 a mile or so it wasn't too bad. We had the chance to make it home right at a mile but opted to extend it and ended at 1.5. I have to end on a nice round number even if it means that I have to keep running around our block! It actually felt pretty good and once again I was glad I went.

Have you ever "streaked"? Are you in for the 2012 Holiday Running Streak?

Have you ever done a triathalon? Is it something you would like to do?

Do you have to end your runs on a nice round number or are you someone that can just end because you are at the end of your route?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for so many things... my three beautiful boys, my husband (who cooked us Thanksgiving Dinner), my wonderful friends and family,  my health and the health of my family, having a great job and awesome co-workers (that I also get to spend the holiday with), opportunities that I have in life... my list could go on and on. We are so blessed and it is great to take time to think about all of these things and to be thankful for all that we have!

Today we completed The Thanksgiving Day Virtual 5K hosted by Kiley @DailyVitaminF. We participated in her Virtual Holiday races last year and didn't want to miss doing them this year as well. We couldn't have asked for a better day to get out and run- 60 degrees on Thanksgiving in Wisconsin! It was amazing!!

Riley and Isaac rode their bikes for the 3.1 miles while Tim and I ran- me pushing Aidan in the stroller. It felt great to get out and run again today! It wasn't fast by any means. The past few days I have felt like I was getting a cold and it was evident in our run this morning when it was much harder to breathe. But we did it and that is what matters!
 This was also day one of the Runner's World 2012 Holiday Run Streak. Check it out and join us in "streaking" through the holidays!
What are you thankful for today?
Did you get out and run today? Have you ever participated in any virtual races?
Do you run when you have a cold or aren't feeling well?

Monday, November 19, 2012

What a weekend

I am exhausted! It has been a crazy few days. I need to re-set and get things back into balance! This past weekend was all Scentsy! A wonderful party at a co-workers house started things off. It was nice to work my business and socialize with friends at the same time! Then I did two seperate vendor events. One Saturday from 9-4 and another Sunday from 9-3. With having to get up early to get set up and staying after for tearing down- they were long days on my feet. It was nice to focus on my business and build relationships but it was hard to not have any time for anything else. At one point yesterday I had to run out to my car to get something and all I could think about was going for a run because it was so beautiful outside!

I did have a great opportunity to help out a friend in need last night and I have to say it felt great to be able to do what I could to "save the day". As I ran to the store to get some items to prepare for our week (more on that in a minute) my husband called asking me to run to another store. When I asked what he needed he told me that a friend from out of town was there and needed a jump because he left his lights on. I grabbed the things I needed at Wal-Mart quick and headed over. I was welcomed by a giant hug! They were so happy to see me and to have my help. Good thing he knew what to do with the jumper cables because I only knew where to find them. Note to self: learn how to use them so I can be more helpful next time! It was nice to visit while we let the car re-charge and it felt great to know just how much they appreciated what I was able to do for them!

Now onto what I was preparing for- My little man, Aidan, had is tonsils and adenoids removed this morning! What a day it has been. He wasn't allowed anything to eat after midnight and could drink clear liquids from 12-4 am with nothing after that. Aidan loves to have drinks all night long so I knew it could be a challenge. Of course, he was up at 3:30 wanting a drink. My first thought was great timing- he could have some water! Oh, NO- he didn't want water and let us know it. Then at four he came in for another visit asking for a drink but at that time he couldn't have anything anymore and he ended up crawling into bed with us and we never went back to sleep. We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 am. Once we got up and were getting ready to go he was doing great. He was almost excited to go. I guess he wasn't very clear about what was coming. They gave him a med to relax him and he was so funny. Everyone had two heads and the nurse had two noses. He was like a "drunk" little three year old. I was able to go back into the OR with him to get him settled and he did great. The surgery was only about 20 minutes and then he was moved to recovery where he did well enough that they didn't even need to get one of us to help with him. After about an hour he was moved back to his room where we could join him and he continued to sleep until his IV started to make him mad. He drank some apple juice and got the nurse to take it out and then we were headed home by 10:00. We spent the day snuggling and watching movies/cartoons. He has continued to do great but it is exhausting for us! I am itching for a run/workout but have no idea of when I will be able to get one in. It may take some creative planning between us to make it happen. I do know that I feel so out of balance! Scentys all weekend and Aidan today and the new several days! I know my priority is my little guy but for my sanity I need a run!

What are some ways you have been able to help a friend in need?
What kinds of things do you do to keep your life in balance (as much as possible)?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Running Music

Yesterday's four mile run was brought to you by Pandora Toddler Radio! It was interesting running to toddler songs like "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But that is what it took for me to get Aidan in the stroller so that I could go for a run.

He DID NOT want to go for a run yesterday so I pulled out a sucker to bribe him. When that wasn't enough I had to bring out the big guns and tell him that he could play on my iPod while we ran. That did the trick and before I knew it we were ready to go. Once we were on our way it was very clear that he wasn't going to be able to play the game while wearing his gloves. I had to think quick and, as crazy as I know this sounds- I was so excited to find Pandora Toddler Radio. It did the trick and he settled in and enjoyed his ride. I should also point out that we were not using headphones- it was playing through the speaker of my phone. I am sure that the people that we passed/met thought I was completely crazy when they were hearing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and other toddler songs. It was different but it worked and that is what it is all about- as a mom sometimes you just have to go with what works!

In the end we were both happy and enjoyed getting outside and  enjoyed a beautiful day.

And a beautiful view of the Mississippi!

Do you run with music? I always do. When running out side I never use headphones. I always play the music through the iPod speaker so I can still hear Aidan and what is going on around me. I just feel safer that way. When I run on the treadmill I HAVE to have music to pass the time and of couse use headphones but they always drive me crazy. I need to find a good pair that stay in my ears!
What are your favorite songs to run to? I like all kinds of music. Usually "pop" or country. One of my favorite songs to run to is "Brown-eyed Girl".

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Started...

I have to admit I have been addicted to reading blogs for over a year now! Running blogs, healthy eating blogs, workout blogs- you name it, I follow a bunch! There have been several times that I have thought about starting one of my own but was just never sure of myself. The one thing that kept holding me back was "what would I call my blog".  With the help and encouragement of my best friend I have come up with a title that says it all!
I have tried over and over again to lose weight and make changes to have a healthy, fit lifestyle. Just like several of the blogs that I follow I feel like I have started again and again. I always tell myself this is the week or the day that I am going to start and this time it is going to be different. I am again saying that and have my best friend on board to help me get there and that is where "OPERATION DETERMINATION was born! I am finally determined to make it happen this time! I am also, like so many of the blogs I follow, starting this blog to hold me accountable. I am going to share my journey so that others can see that they are not alone. Maybe I can encourage or inspire someone else with my journey like several others have done for me. I saw this picture on Pinterest today and felt like it summed it all up!