Monday, November 19, 2012

What a weekend

I am exhausted! It has been a crazy few days. I need to re-set and get things back into balance! This past weekend was all Scentsy! A wonderful party at a co-workers house started things off. It was nice to work my business and socialize with friends at the same time! Then I did two seperate vendor events. One Saturday from 9-4 and another Sunday from 9-3. With having to get up early to get set up and staying after for tearing down- they were long days on my feet. It was nice to focus on my business and build relationships but it was hard to not have any time for anything else. At one point yesterday I had to run out to my car to get something and all I could think about was going for a run because it was so beautiful outside!

I did have a great opportunity to help out a friend in need last night and I have to say it felt great to be able to do what I could to "save the day". As I ran to the store to get some items to prepare for our week (more on that in a minute) my husband called asking me to run to another store. When I asked what he needed he told me that a friend from out of town was there and needed a jump because he left his lights on. I grabbed the things I needed at Wal-Mart quick and headed over. I was welcomed by a giant hug! They were so happy to see me and to have my help. Good thing he knew what to do with the jumper cables because I only knew where to find them. Note to self: learn how to use them so I can be more helpful next time! It was nice to visit while we let the car re-charge and it felt great to know just how much they appreciated what I was able to do for them!

Now onto what I was preparing for- My little man, Aidan, had is tonsils and adenoids removed this morning! What a day it has been. He wasn't allowed anything to eat after midnight and could drink clear liquids from 12-4 am with nothing after that. Aidan loves to have drinks all night long so I knew it could be a challenge. Of course, he was up at 3:30 wanting a drink. My first thought was great timing- he could have some water! Oh, NO- he didn't want water and let us know it. Then at four he came in for another visit asking for a drink but at that time he couldn't have anything anymore and he ended up crawling into bed with us and we never went back to sleep. We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 am. Once we got up and were getting ready to go he was doing great. He was almost excited to go. I guess he wasn't very clear about what was coming. They gave him a med to relax him and he was so funny. Everyone had two heads and the nurse had two noses. He was like a "drunk" little three year old. I was able to go back into the OR with him to get him settled and he did great. The surgery was only about 20 minutes and then he was moved to recovery where he did well enough that they didn't even need to get one of us to help with him. After about an hour he was moved back to his room where we could join him and he continued to sleep until his IV started to make him mad. He drank some apple juice and got the nurse to take it out and then we were headed home by 10:00. We spent the day snuggling and watching movies/cartoons. He has continued to do great but it is exhausting for us! I am itching for a run/workout but have no idea of when I will be able to get one in. It may take some creative planning between us to make it happen. I do know that I feel so out of balance! Scentys all weekend and Aidan today and the new several days! I know my priority is my little guy but for my sanity I need a run!

What are some ways you have been able to help a friend in need?
What kinds of things do you do to keep your life in balance (as much as possible)?

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