Saturday, November 24, 2012


Have you ever "streaked"? My husband and I have! I am talking about the kind of streaking where you run at least one mile every day for a period of time. We did the Runner's World summer streak from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July and it really encouraged us to get out there even when we didn't want to. It also forced us to get creative when life got busy. More than once we started our run shortly before midnight so that we could get a few miles in each day with only one run! Well it is time to streak again! Runner's World 2012 Holiday Running Streak has begun. Run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving until New Years. My husband and I are committed to making it happen again! Are you going to be with us?

It was a good thing we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Thanksgiving because the weather sure changed after that! Yesterday it didn't get above freezing and it was super windy! Since I am a wimp I headed to the Y to get my mile in on the treadmill. Then I decided to get in the water and swim a mile. The water is so relaxing and peaceful to me! I love the moment when you push off the wall and are gliding under water- it is so calm; all of the noise from the world is blocked out for a moment. I need to make sure that swimming stays as part of my regular routine. Maybe I am crazy but thoughts of doing a triathalon are starting to make their way back into my mind! 

Over the past few days I have developed a cold that is kicking my butt! I am not going to let it bring me down and decided to fight back by getting out there this morning for a run. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty but we headed out anyway with the goal of just getting our mile in for the streak. It was chilly so we had to bundle up for the first time this year. It was tough to begin with but after about 3/4 a mile or so it wasn't too bad. We had the chance to make it home right at a mile but opted to extend it and ended at 1.5. I have to end on a nice round number even if it means that I have to keep running around our block! It actually felt pretty good and once again I was glad I went.

Have you ever "streaked"? Are you in for the 2012 Holiday Running Streak?

Have you ever done a triathalon? Is it something you would like to do?

Do you have to end your runs on a nice round number or are you someone that can just end because you are at the end of your route?

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  1. This is my first streaking experience.

    I will HAPPILY stand on the sidelines and cheer you on at your first tri. I will even help your train in the running and riding portion but when it comes to the swim, you are on your own!

    Generally I like to end on a nice round number. I recently started using my Motoactv again and hook it on my waistband. Now that I can't see it, it makes it harder to stop on a round number.