Friday, February 27, 2015

Fitness Friday

I need to start out by letting you all know just how PROUD I am of this kid!
Riley- age 12
When he made the decision to not go out for basketball this year we told him that it was fine but, since he wasn't doing a winter sport, he would need to workout with us- running, lifting, etc. and not just sitting at home playing games. The month of December we didn't push it but once January came along we told him it was time to hit it hard and I have to say that he did. 

Then we challenged him to participate with us in the Indoor Ironman Challenge at our local YMCA (swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles during the month of February) and he took it on and totally rocked it. He finished last night with a 3 mile run and a 1/4 mile swim and a couple of days to spare. It was so much fun to have him working out with us and to be able to spend that time with him. He wasn't always thrilled to be going and doing it but, once we would get started, he always made the most of it and had fun.

Now that indoor batting practice has started he is even starting to see the benefits and is understanding why we made this "deal" with him. It really wasn't to torture him with spending time with us! It was to help him stay in shape and get stronger for track and baseball. After the first session of batting he really noticed a difference and said that it felt good and his swing felt so much stronger. I will definitely count that as a win for us!

NOTE: I should add that my wonderful husband also finished his last lap of swimming last night to also finish his Indoor Ironman Challenge.

This is my weekend to work so I have been off all week which means this has been a GREAT week of workouts! We all finished our Indoor Ironman Challenge this week and Tim and I also started a new challenge that I think we are both really enjoying- a 60 day Piyo challenge.
I can't speak for Tim but I am loving this time together each night.
Here is how my week looked:

Monday: 5k run (treadmill) and biked 14 miles (upright bike) at the Y, Piyo- Align

Tuesday: 2 mile run (treadmill) and biked 6 miles (upright bike) at the Y, Yoga class, Piyo- Lower body

Wednesday: 4 mile run (treadmill) and 1/2 mile swim at the Y, Piyo- Upper body

Thursday: Group Strength Training Class (full body workout), Piyo- Sweat

All of the "tools" used in yesterday's group strength class
After all of that I am feeling it today! It is a good sore though because I can feel that I have been doing something and am working to improve myself and my body. I am thinking that a nice easy run yet today would feel good to help loosen up my tight legs.

 Gratitude Challenge- Days 23-27

Day 23-
Some of us struggle with health and wellness issues. Really take a few moments and think about your body and what you are grateful for in regards to your own health and wellness.
Being diagnosed with melanoma and having part of my ear removed really sucked but when I really stop and think about it I am grateful that we caught it when we did. It could have been so much worse and I am incredibly grateful that it wasn't!
 I have had my struggles with health and wellness but I am grateful for where I am now. I am not exactly where I want to be but I am on the journey to improving my health and wellness. The journey isn't always easy but I am learning so much about myself and have met so many amazing people along the way.
Day 24-
Name a deceased person you are grateful for and why.
I have two that I have talked about in previous responses- Grandpa Everett and Tim's Dad (Papa D). They were both very loving, caring and strong men. They both worked hard and were not afraid to push the limits and try new things. They were great examples for how to make the most of your life!
Day 25-
Write a thank you to a child you are grateful for and tell them why you are grateful for them. In your gratitude journal, write about the child and your gratefulness towards them.
I am incredibly grateful for each of my three boys! They have ALL brought so much joy to my life and in each of their own ways!
Riley- he was the first to make me a mom and I have learned so much from him. He is very independent and always has been. He has been a 'natural' at so many things that he has helped me learn how to challenge him and push him to try harder and try things that don't come easy to him. From the time he was very young he had a drive for learning and that has helped me to also want to learn new things. He is growing into an amazing, responsible young man and it is so much fun to watch as he grows and changes.
Isaac- he has a special way of challenging me but I am grateful for the ways that he makes me a better mom. He is helping me learn to have patience. He also helps me see that sometimes you have to take a different approach to get the end result you are seeking- just because it worked with one kid doesn't mean it will work with the next.  He works hard at all that he does because things don't come easy for him and I admire his determination to figure things out. He is my silly, free-spirited child and I love that about him. He is helping me realize that sometimes I need to be more like that. He is such a sweet, caring boy and I can't wait to see where his future takes him!
Aidan- my little man! He is my little sweetie. He is so caring and loves to snuggle. He loves to play, play, play! He has always been "mommy's boy" and I am totally ok with that! He is the child that has helped me slow down and be more in the moment. He has helped me cherish the small, everyday moments because they are what's really important.
Day 26-
What happened to you today that you are most grateful for?
I am grateful to finally be able to get back to the group strength training class at the Y. After working the past few Thursdays it felt great to get back. Stacy really kicked my butt which was just what I needed!
I also had a moment that was very brief but I was go grateful that I was living in the moment and was able to catch it and take it in. While walking through Wal-Mart Aidan said to me, "Mommy, I really enjoy being your son." Sometimes it can be the smallest things that can totally make your day!
Day 27-
What is one activity that you are grateful you are able to do each day? Why?
Dang this is hard! My first reaction was that I am grateful that I can 'move'- in whatever way it might mean for that day. Then I thought about it more and decided that maybe it should be that I am grateful that I can breathe- without breathing nothing else would be possible! I guess that is the very literal side of me talking with those answers.
I am also very grateful that I get to be with my family in some capacity each day. I get to see my boys grow and change. I am grateful to be home to eat dinner with my family most nights. I am grateful to be able to tell my boys good night and tuck my little man in.
I would love to hear from you:
How was your week as far as fitness goes?
What happened to you this week that you are most grateful for? Why?
Please comment to share your thoughts:)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Looks like I have been slacking

in the blogging department this week!

 I attempted a couple of posts

but picking up kids

and getting workouts in

among other things cut my window of opportunity short

and they never got finished or posted.

Things have been busy this week and I have a lot to share

but for today I will start with three things.


my Indoor Ironman is DONE!

Tim and Riley will be done after tonight's workout.

They were on track to be done with swimming last night

but an "accident" in the pool cut our swimming short-

Tim by 1 lap and Riley by 6 laps.

I guess after Riley finishes his 3 mile run tonight

it will be time to get back in the water so they can finish it up!

It has been so much fun to have Riley doing this challenge with us-

it has been a great way for us to spend time with him!
I really do love participating in the Indoor Ironman Challenge
for the month of February
but I am also very glad when it is done.
Getting through it pretty much consumes our workouts
and they end up becoming ALL cardio.
I am ready to get back to more of a balance
in my workouts and to add strength training back in.

Another season of basketball has come to an end

and I have to say it ended on a high note.

Jump shot
On Saturday Isaac's team played their last three games

and won all three!

In the last game Isaac scored 14/16 of the points

and had an amazing game.

It was so much fun to watch how much he improved

(and how much the whole team improved)

throughout the season.

He really loves basketball

and you could see that in his teamwork, determination, and hustle.

Now we are onto BASEBALL!


Catching up on the Gratitude Challenge...

I have continued to participate daily

by writing in my journal.

Gratitude Challenge- Days 18- 26

Day 18
Take 5 pictures of things you are grateful for today. Post them to social media if you can using the hashtag #gratefulfor2015.

Here is what I posted:

From my Instagram post: here are five pictures that represent things that I am grateful for- each of my three boys, being active with them, fun times with family, beautiful sunsets, and making time for myself (yoga)
Day 19-
Please take a moment and write about how this gratitude challenge has impacted you. Share here or on our social media page if you would like, but more importantly write it down for yourself.

This challenge has really opened my eyes to ALL that I am grateful for. It has forced me to really take a look at so many different things that I wouldn't have even thought about. It has helped me to be more aware of what's around me and to be more "in the moment" and how all of "that" is something to be grateful for. This challenge has helped to open my eyes and "see" my world differently- with gratitude and appreciation!

Day 20-
What place or space are you most grateful for in your home? Maybe it isn't even in your home, but write about your grateful space or place.

I have a few here!

 First, in my home I am grateful for the kitchen. So often this is the one place where we all come together as a family. Around our table we share our highs and lows for the day. In the kitchen we also make meals and special treats together.

The next one would be outside of our home-
I am grateful for our local YMCA. Because of it we are able to be active and also have some fun as a family. They have also provided so many great opportunities for us! I don't know what I would do without it.

The last would be the baseball field. It has been a place for us to meet and connect with other amazing families in our area. We have been able to build lasting friendships through this connection. All three of my boys love baseball and it is so much fun to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful (or not so beautiful) weather while we watch them do what they love.

Day 21-
What season are you most grateful for and why?

This is a tough one for me as I really enjoy having all four seasons and have learned to find beauty in each one of them.  If I would HAVE to pick just one I would say summer. I love the green grass flowers, fresh produce and all of the hustle and bustle that goes with summer for our family. We are a baseball family through and through! I am grateful for family time in the summer- nights that can stretch later because we don't have to get up for school, campfires, hiking, swimming, anything active outdoors. There is so much that I love about summer!

This response doesn't 'feel' right without giving some credit to the things I am grateful for with the other seasons. If I had to rank the seasons the next up would be fall. After the craziness of summer I love getting back into a routine- getting the kids back in school. I am grateful for the beauty of fall. All of the colors, the cooler temps, different family activities like going to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. I love fall hikes and long bike rides.

Spring would be next in my ranking of the seasons. I love when the temps finally start to warm up and the flowers start to peak through the ground. I love to see all the 'freshness' and 'newness' start to emerge. I love to see everything start to green-up and the trees starting to bloom. I am grateful for the longer days and being able to spend more time outside.

Winter is probably my least favorite but I have come to find aspects that I am grateful for. I love the beauty of snow covering everything. A fresh snow (provided I don't have to travel in it) is so beautiful when you really take time to notice it. I am also grateful that winter is a chance for us to slow down a bit and spend more time as a family. I am grateful for all of the traditions that come with winter- picking out our Christmas tree, decorating for the holidays, snowshoeing, sledding, building a snowman... there really are lots of good things about winter when you take time to think about it.

Day 22-
What meal are you most grateful for and why? Describe it and where you got the recipe from, don't forget the why!

My first reaction to this questions was any meal that all three boys will eat and that we don't have to fight with them to eat. Meal times are a challenge at our house! Most meals that everyone will eat are not the healthiest. Simple pancakes and scrambled eggs with turkey breakfast sausages is always a hit and one of our 'go to' meals. There really is no recipe. I learned at a very young age how to make eggs for myself and have also taught my boys how. I am grateful for this meal because it is easy and everyone will eat it!

When I really take some time to stop and think about this I would have to say Tim's homemade pizza. Everyone likes it and you can easily change it to meet every one's different likes. We got the recipe for the sauce and dough from Tim's dad. It really is special that we have this and can continue to make Papa D's pizza. This is our special connection with him even though he isn't here with us anymore. 
What space are you most grateful for and why? In your home or outside of your home.
What season are you most grateful for and why?
What meal are you most grateful for and why? Where did the recipe come from?
I would love to hear your thoughts... Please share your answers in the comments.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reset button

 Have I told you lately
how much I love yoga?
Well just in case you
missed it...
I always feel better
(more peaceful, calm and balanced)
when I am able to get to yoga class.
It is kind of like my "reset button".
Practicing yoga has been a great addition
to my regular workouts for so many reasons.
Despite what many may think
it is a really great workout!
Your 'practice' is all your own-
it isn't about what others around you are doing
it is just about you and your body
and tuning into what it is capable of.
Just like any other type of workout
you will get out of it what you put into it.
There are so many great ways that
you can really challenge your body in yoga!
At the same time,
there are so many modifications in yoga
so anyone can do it!
It is a great way to dedicate time to good stretching
(which is something that I have always loved).
Yoga really helps connect your body and your mind!
For me, yoga is very calming
and helps re-energize me to tackle life's challenges.
Yoga has really helped me be
more mindful of my breathing, my posture
and being in the current moment.
My list could go on and on.
If you haven't tried yoga
I really suggest you give it a chance-
it might just surprise you like it did me!
Gratitude Challenge- Day 17
"What TEXTURE are you most grateful for? (snap a picture of it for us if you can) Tell us why you are grateful for it."
I have to admit that when I first read today's assignment I thought it was a bit weird. Who thinks about being grateful for TEXTURE? But after spending some time thinking about it I had the perfect answer and in the process of thinking about it I had lots of great memories that were brought up as well!
I actually have two textures that I am very grateful for...
fleece and flannel. As a person who tends to be cold most of the time (and chooses to live in Wisconsin- crazy I know!) I love these textures because they are very warm and cozy and generally they mean snuggling with my boys and hubby. My boys have loved fleece blankets since they were born so that is a texture that brings back many memories of rocking and snuggling my babies! They still snuggle under fleece blankets everyday! As for the flannel- I love my flannel sheets but mostly I am grateful for my flannel quilt that was made with love by my mom! This quilt gets pulled out almost every night when it is time to relax and snuggle and I am grateful for all of the time and energy she put into making it for me.
Have you tried yoga?
What is your "reset button"?
What TEXTURE  are you most grateful for and why?
 I would love to hear your responses... please share your answers by leaving a comment.


Monday, February 16, 2015

It's "D" day for me

Maybe I should say double d day-
Dermatology & Dentist that is.
I started my day with my dreaded
6 month Dermatology follow up
which means a full body skin check.
I hate being examined from head to toe
under the special magnifying glass/light.
I know that it is a necessary evil
but it really doesn't make it any easier.
The only thing that made it better was
hearing that everything looks good.
It does feel good to have the reassurance
that all of the freckles and moles
that I am constantly analyzing
are completely normal
and hopefully they stay that way!
Back again in another 6 months
to continue to keep an eye on everything.
From the clinic it was back home
to pick up the boys (no school day)
and head to the Dentist-
another place that I hate to go!
News wasn't as good there-
I get to go back to have some old cavities replaced,
Aidan has a couple of cavities to take care of,
and Isaac and Riley both need an Orthodontist consult.
I am going to need a second job
to take care of everyone's teeth!
After all of that "fun" I needed a workout!
It was getting close to lunch time
but Riley and I managed to get in a quick
swim despite the pool being pretty crazy
and being limited on time.
We made more progress
on our Indoor Ironman Challenge
and it was a great way to spend
some one-on-one time with Riley!
For a kid that has never really swam laps
he killed it and did a pretty good job
keeping up with me.
It wasn't a long workout
but it was just what we needed!
Gratitude Challenge- Day 16
"What invention are you most grateful for and why?"
I asked Riley this question on our way back from swimming today and his answer impressed me. He said he was grateful for the invention of immunizations because without them we could get very sick and/or die. Wow! For a kid that loves technology (iPod, Xbox, computer, etc) that answer really surprised me and made me realize that maybe he is paying more attention to the news and media around him than I thought. I have to admit that my answer when I first thought about his question wasn't nearly as impressive- I am grateful for the heated seats in my van! With our Wisconsin winters the past few years they have been wonderful! More seriously though there are so many inventions that I am grateful for. I am grateful for all of the inventions in regards to medicine- detection, treatment, and prevention of cancers.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Indoor Ironman

I have made reference to the Indoor Ironman
a few times now so I thought I should explain it.
Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, and Run 26.2
Our local YMCA is hosting it's
7th Annual Indoor Ironman Challenge.
The challenge consists of finishing
2.4 miles of swimming,
112 miles of biking
and 26.2 miles of running
over the 28 days of February.
That's right,
we have 28 days to complete what some
do in ONE day during ONE race!
They are truly AMAZING athletes
and I am definitely inspired by a friend that is training
for an Ironman race!
I loved doing my first sprint triathlon
and can't imagine doing an Ironman distance race.
(I have to admit that thoughts of one day
completing a half ironman MAY have crossed my mind though)
For now, spreading it out over the course
of a whole month is the way to go for us!
This is our 5th year participating
in the challenge at the Y
and this year Riley decided to join us.
We have been making great progress
and have enjoyed mixing up our workouts
by adding in more biking and time in the water.
In order to get all of our miles in
we have backed off on our strength training
so we need to work on bringing that back into the mix
and finding a better balance in our workouts.
All-in-all it has been a great week of workouts for me!
Here is the rundown:
Monday: 4 miles snowshoeing, 5k run, 5 bike miles
Tuesday: 12 bike miles, Yoga class
Wednesday: Work = no workout
Thursday: Work = no workout
Friday: 12 bike miles, 1/2 mile swim
Saturday: 5k run and 6 bike miles
Sunday: 2 mile run, 6 bike miles, and 1/2 mile swim
Time to get some strength training back in there!
Gratitude Challenge- Days 11-15
Day 11-
"Write about the first thing you felt you were grateful for today when you woke up."
I was grateful that I got to wake up next to my amazing husband and to have another day to live and make progress on moving forward towards reaching my many goals.
Day 12-
"Do you have a book or story that you are grateful for in your life? Why is that book or story special to you? Will you pass it on to someone else?"
This is another tough one. We have many books that I will always cherish because we have loved reading them to all three of our boys. We have many memories of snuggling up at bedtime (or anytime) to read them- over and over and over! I am making sure to keep them to be able to share with our grandchildren many years from now.
Day 13-
"List 3 relationships that you are grateful for in your past or present life. Why are you grateful for them?"
This one is pretty easy as I have so many relationships that I am grateful for. The hard part is picking just 3! I don't want anyone to be upset that they aren't on the list! These are the first three that I thought off- it DOES NOT mean that they are the three most important to me!!
1) I am grateful for my relationship with my Grandpa Everett. I was nearly 9 when he died but I am grateful for those 9 years with him. I have many wonderful memories of this amazing man and I am incredibly grateful for those because it is through those memories that my boys are able to "know" him as well.
2) I am grateful for my relationship with Darrell (Tim's dad). He was an amazing man and I am grateful for all of the time that I was able to spend with him. I am grateful that I got to know him and travel with him so I am able to tell my boys about him.
3) I am also grateful for the relationship that I have with my husband! He is always by my side and has always been my biggest supporter in all that I do. He is my best friend, my soul mate, and so much more!!
Day 14-
"List the memory that you have that you are most grateful to have. You will really need to think about this, more often than not it is the first one that comes to your mind."
Wow!! I have so many! It is really hard to pick one that I am most grateful for!
Right now I guess I would have to go with my memories of Grandpa Everett- from making homemade ice cream for special days and the box of chocolates he would always give us for Valentine's day to my favorite memory of him... when he went out to the barn and brought a baby pig in the house so we could see it on Christmas.
I am also grateful for the memories of the "cousin sleepovers" at Grandma Betty's. We would all be lined up sleeping across the pull out couch. I have wonderful memories of her taking all of us school shopping; some of which include getting lost and her continuing to follow the pilot car (which had a sign saying "follow me") in a construction zone even once we were out of the construction area and he was just trying to turn around.
I am very grateful for the memories that we are building everyday with our boys! Sometimes it is the littlest things that really do mean the most!
Day 15-
"Do you have a teacher that you are grateful for from your past of present life? Write about them and why you are grateful, and send them a handwritten note to tell them."
I am incredibly grateful for Ms. Eiken! Isaac had her for a teacher in 3rd grade and she was amazing! From the first time we met she had a way of making all of us feel welcome and comfortable. She does a wonderful job of recognizing each students uniqueness and helping them build their confidence. She was the teacher that really turned things around for Isaac in school and has helped him enjoy school again. After a rough start to elementary school she was just the teacher we needed! She has been amazing and I can't express how much we love her. We have been blessed and Isaac has been able to be in her classroom again this year in 4th grade! She is so genuine, caring, and has a special way of making you feel so comfortable. She has helped Isaac grow in so many ways and has been such a blessing in our lives! She has definitely touched our hearts in many ways!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Playing "catch up"

Today I am playing "catch up".
I worked all weekend and then yesterday
my best friend came from out of town
and we had a girls adventure day-
we tried snowshoeing for the first time.
Neither of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into
but we both really enjoyed it!
What a great way to enjoy a beautiful winter day,
catch up with each other
and burn some calories together.
We managed to get in nearly 4 miles
and it was a great workout!
We both agreed that snowshoes
are now on the list of things that we need to get.
After working up an appetite
we headed to a local restaurant
that has an amazing soup, salad bar, and bread stick lunch.
It was a great day
with an amazing friend
that I don't get to spend enough time with.
I am very grateful that we
were able to have that time together!
After getting my fill of time with my bestie
Tim and I headed up to the Y
and got in a pretty good workout together too.
We ran a 5K (which after snowshoeing was a little tough)
and then got on the bikes for 5 miles
so we could check off more boxes for the Indoor Ironman.
It was a busy night at home so we were in a hurry
and didn't get our traditional post- workout picture.
That brings us to today-
Today is Tuesday and that means-
I usually run a couple of miles before yoga
but I forgot my iPod and watch
so I opted for the bike instead-
I know that I don't NEED those things to run
but I am sort of a numbers junkie
and I can always run tonight.
I got in good 12 miles on the bike
and then headed off to yoga.

too cute to not share!
I really do notice a difference in how I feel
when I am able to practice yoga regularly.
I am always grateful when I have Tuesdays off
and can make it to my favorite class.
Now it is time for the gratitude challenge.
I have not forgotten about it
I just haven't had time to do a post each day
due to 12 hr work days
and wanting to see my family
before doing it all again the next day.
I have kept up with the challenge
and have been writing in my journal until
I had more time to post.
Gratitude Challenge- Days 6- 10
Day 6-
"Today I want you to take about 3 minutes and stand in front of a full length mirror. I want you to write about 3 things you are grateful for about your body. NO NEGATIVITY!  Only things you are grateful for and why. "

OK... I have to admit that this is really HARD for me! I really struggle with loving my body and body image in general. I guess in some respects this assignment is perfect for me but it is really tough!
 1) I am grateful for my body as a whole because it carried, delivered and nourished 3 beautiful babies!
2) I am grateful for my strong legs because they have carried me through when I didn't think it was possible. They have helped me accomplish so much- from 5k to a full marathon to even a triathlon. They have kept me active and allow me to do so many things that I enjoy.
3) I am grateful for my brown eyes- just because!
Day 7-
"Write about 5 things in nature that you are grateful for today."
1) Sunshine, clouds, blue sky, sunsets
2) The changing seasons
3)The bluffs and river around where I live and all that they offer us
4) Stars and moon at night- when you take the time to stop and look it is amazing and beautiful!
5) Flowers and green grass- I am ready for spring, bring on baseball!
Day 8-
"Today is a tough one that will really make you think! Which one of your 5 senses are you most grateful for and why?"
This one has probably been one of the easiest for me! Definitely Sight!
I am grateful that I am able to see all of the beauty around me. I love seeing my boys faces light up then they are excited! I love seeing my little man's eyes sparkle with love when I get home and he comes running up to me to give me a hug. I am grateful that I am able to see the world around me and watch my boys do all of the things they love. You can see feelings and body language even if you can't hear it. Sight gives us so much information and so much insight into people.  I really think you can tell so much by people by looking into their eyes and by the expressions on their faces. I can't imagine not being able to see to do that.
Day 9-
"What photograph do you have in your possession that you are most grateful for right now? Why are you grateful for it?"
This is the picture that I am most grateful to have in my possession. This is a picture of my father-in-law. He passed away just after we were engaged. I am so incredibly grateful for having known him and getting to spend time with him! This picture is one of few that we have of him and we keep in tucked inside the frame of a picture that hangs in our living room so that he is always visible. We know that he is always with us in our hearts and minds but this is the only way that our boys know him and what he looked like. We try to talk about him often as a way for the boys to "know" him. He was an amazing man and it saddens me that they don't have him here to really know. This picture along with talking about him is the best that we can do.
Day 10-
"What song in your life are you grateful for? Write the words of the song that you are grateful for and why."
I have so many songs that I am grateful for! I think music really has a way of connecting us to what is going on in our lives and helping us connect to what we are feeling. It always feels like I hear just the right song at just the right time for what is happening in my life. I am not going to include just one song. I have a few that really stand out to me and they are all from our wedding day.
Here is the first:
From This Moment On
From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment, I have been blessed
I live only, for your happiness
And for your love, I give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
I can't wait to live my life with you I can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment, as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing, I wouldn't give
From this moment on

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment, as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing, I wouldn't give
From this moment, I will love you
As long as I live from this moment on

This was our first dance song at our wedding and it really sums up that day for me.
The second:
This is another song that we danced to at our wedding with Tim's brothers and their wives.  It really meant a lot to us to include something like this tribute to Tim's dad.
The third:
This was a song that Tim's aunt and uncle sang at our wedding because we always felt like this touched us due to losing Tim's dad when we were so young and before our wedding, etc. I also lost my grandfather when I was very young and I always felt like he was an "angel among us" throughout my life!
I couldn't help but ask my husband what his song would be and his response was this and it really didn't surprise me at all. His dad loved eagles and this song was played at his funeral.
On Eagle's Wings
I really am enjoying this whole gratitude challenge!
I am also seeing changes in the
way that I look at things.
Before I close
I need to report back about last week's intentions:
Run 3 times- Ran 2 times
Complete weekly challenge exercises at least 5 times- completed 3 times
Attend yoga class- DONE!
Attend group strength training class- DONE!
Eat mindfully and watch portions- Did pretty good with this. Still have work to do but making progress.
No late evening snacking- DONE!
Water, Water, Water- DONE!
Complete daily gratitude challenge- DONE!
I am not perfect
but I am making progress
and that is what it is all about.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!
Today is my "Sunday" as I work
the next three days (12 hr. shifts).
For today's post I am going to do "Three Things Thursday".
1) Workouts-
I am feeling really good about my workouts this week!!
Last night I got in another great workout
and got in way more than I had planned.
Having run in the morning
I told the boys that they could run
and I would take it easy on the recumbent bike
and read my book.
I don't normally read while I work out
but I wasn't going to push it on this workout
and just wanted to get some bike miles in for the Indoor Ironman.
I had about 6 miles in when
Tim and Ry were done running
but the weight area was packed
so they got on the bikes next to me
until the weight area opened up a bit.
Another 6 miles later it looked good.
That made 12 miles on the bike for me!!
Riley was hesitant about a workout
so I promised him a "fun" workout
and that meant...
medicine balls!
We set up a couple of different circuits
that I had a ton of fun with
but I am not sure that Tim and Ry
would agree with me.
Things were starting to get busy again
so we headed home to do our challenge workout.
Riley killed it again with a time of 5:12!
I don't know how he does it
but I know I won't get close.
I did PR again
but at the cost of losing my form!
Instagram from last night's workout.
Being that today is Thursday
that meant Group Strength Class at the Y.
Today was another challenging workout
but it felt amazing to get through it.
We took another field trip to the gym
for our warm up.
This is a whole workout in itself!
Weighted step-ups on the bleachers,
medicine ball wall slams
and pushing 25 lb plates across the gym
all times two.
I was definitely "warmed up"!
Then it was back to the studio
for the "real workout".
Last week I took a friend to the class
and she joined me again this week.
It was nice to have a friend there next to me.
She was a ROCKSTAR!
2) Latest read
Above I mentioned reading while I biked last night.
A few weeks ago I started this book:
After reading at the Y last night I got sucked in
and couldn't put it down!
I read while we watched TV
and then I even read for a while before bed
because I had to finish it.
What a great book!
It was interesting to read about Chrissie's life
and her triathlon and Ironman experiences
but it was also very inspiring.
It definitely made me think about pushing the limits
and what that means in my life.
I would definitely recommend this book!
3) Gratitude Challenge, Day 5
"Today we are going to write about nutrition and food. I want you to write about 3 foods or nutritional type things that you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them.
1) I am grateful for Oatmeal- I love to start my day off with a bowl of oatmeal (especially these cold winter days in Wisconsin).  There are so many ways that you can change things up and make it different each day. It is also very filling and holds me over till lunch. Oatmeal is one thing that I can eat for breakfast and then run shortly after eating it. It is always my breakfast before a race! 
2) I am grateful for fruit- It is an easy snack or addition to a meal. Unlike veggies, it is easy to get my whole family to eat fruit! I love to make fruit smoothies after a tough workout or run!
3) I am also grateful for dark chocolate, specifically this chocolate!
I love to keep these in the house for that sweet treat once in a while after supper. I tend to have a sweet tooth and one square totally satisfies that craving without over doing it. YUM!! 
Now it's your turn...
What 3 foods or nutritional type things are you grateful for and why?
Do you ever read when you workout?
What book would you recommend?
Please comment below to share!!