Thursday, February 26, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Looks like I have been slacking

in the blogging department this week!

 I attempted a couple of posts

but picking up kids

and getting workouts in

among other things cut my window of opportunity short

and they never got finished or posted.

Things have been busy this week and I have a lot to share

but for today I will start with three things.


my Indoor Ironman is DONE!

Tim and Riley will be done after tonight's workout.

They were on track to be done with swimming last night

but an "accident" in the pool cut our swimming short-

Tim by 1 lap and Riley by 6 laps.

I guess after Riley finishes his 3 mile run tonight

it will be time to get back in the water so they can finish it up!

It has been so much fun to have Riley doing this challenge with us-

it has been a great way for us to spend time with him!
I really do love participating in the Indoor Ironman Challenge
for the month of February
but I am also very glad when it is done.
Getting through it pretty much consumes our workouts
and they end up becoming ALL cardio.
I am ready to get back to more of a balance
in my workouts and to add strength training back in.

Another season of basketball has come to an end

and I have to say it ended on a high note.

Jump shot
On Saturday Isaac's team played their last three games

and won all three!

In the last game Isaac scored 14/16 of the points

and had an amazing game.

It was so much fun to watch how much he improved

(and how much the whole team improved)

throughout the season.

He really loves basketball

and you could see that in his teamwork, determination, and hustle.

Now we are onto BASEBALL!


Catching up on the Gratitude Challenge...

I have continued to participate daily

by writing in my journal.

Gratitude Challenge- Days 18- 26

Day 18
Take 5 pictures of things you are grateful for today. Post them to social media if you can using the hashtag #gratefulfor2015.

Here is what I posted:

From my Instagram post: here are five pictures that represent things that I am grateful for- each of my three boys, being active with them, fun times with family, beautiful sunsets, and making time for myself (yoga)
Day 19-
Please take a moment and write about how this gratitude challenge has impacted you. Share here or on our social media page if you would like, but more importantly write it down for yourself.

This challenge has really opened my eyes to ALL that I am grateful for. It has forced me to really take a look at so many different things that I wouldn't have even thought about. It has helped me to be more aware of what's around me and to be more "in the moment" and how all of "that" is something to be grateful for. This challenge has helped to open my eyes and "see" my world differently- with gratitude and appreciation!

Day 20-
What place or space are you most grateful for in your home? Maybe it isn't even in your home, but write about your grateful space or place.

I have a few here!

 First, in my home I am grateful for the kitchen. So often this is the one place where we all come together as a family. Around our table we share our highs and lows for the day. In the kitchen we also make meals and special treats together.

The next one would be outside of our home-
I am grateful for our local YMCA. Because of it we are able to be active and also have some fun as a family. They have also provided so many great opportunities for us! I don't know what I would do without it.

The last would be the baseball field. It has been a place for us to meet and connect with other amazing families in our area. We have been able to build lasting friendships through this connection. All three of my boys love baseball and it is so much fun to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful (or not so beautiful) weather while we watch them do what they love.

Day 21-
What season are you most grateful for and why?

This is a tough one for me as I really enjoy having all four seasons and have learned to find beauty in each one of them.  If I would HAVE to pick just one I would say summer. I love the green grass flowers, fresh produce and all of the hustle and bustle that goes with summer for our family. We are a baseball family through and through! I am grateful for family time in the summer- nights that can stretch later because we don't have to get up for school, campfires, hiking, swimming, anything active outdoors. There is so much that I love about summer!

This response doesn't 'feel' right without giving some credit to the things I am grateful for with the other seasons. If I had to rank the seasons the next up would be fall. After the craziness of summer I love getting back into a routine- getting the kids back in school. I am grateful for the beauty of fall. All of the colors, the cooler temps, different family activities like going to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. I love fall hikes and long bike rides.

Spring would be next in my ranking of the seasons. I love when the temps finally start to warm up and the flowers start to peak through the ground. I love to see all the 'freshness' and 'newness' start to emerge. I love to see everything start to green-up and the trees starting to bloom. I am grateful for the longer days and being able to spend more time outside.

Winter is probably my least favorite but I have come to find aspects that I am grateful for. I love the beauty of snow covering everything. A fresh snow (provided I don't have to travel in it) is so beautiful when you really take time to notice it. I am also grateful that winter is a chance for us to slow down a bit and spend more time as a family. I am grateful for all of the traditions that come with winter- picking out our Christmas tree, decorating for the holidays, snowshoeing, sledding, building a snowman... there really are lots of good things about winter when you take time to think about it.

Day 22-
What meal are you most grateful for and why? Describe it and where you got the recipe from, don't forget the why!

My first reaction to this questions was any meal that all three boys will eat and that we don't have to fight with them to eat. Meal times are a challenge at our house! Most meals that everyone will eat are not the healthiest. Simple pancakes and scrambled eggs with turkey breakfast sausages is always a hit and one of our 'go to' meals. There really is no recipe. I learned at a very young age how to make eggs for myself and have also taught my boys how. I am grateful for this meal because it is easy and everyone will eat it!

When I really take some time to stop and think about this I would have to say Tim's homemade pizza. Everyone likes it and you can easily change it to meet every one's different likes. We got the recipe for the sauce and dough from Tim's dad. It really is special that we have this and can continue to make Papa D's pizza. This is our special connection with him even though he isn't here with us anymore. 
What space are you most grateful for and why? In your home or outside of your home.
What season are you most grateful for and why?
What meal are you most grateful for and why? Where did the recipe come from?
I would love to hear your thoughts... Please share your answers in the comments.  

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