Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reset button

 Have I told you lately
how much I love yoga?
Well just in case you
missed it...
I always feel better
(more peaceful, calm and balanced)
when I am able to get to yoga class.
It is kind of like my "reset button".
Practicing yoga has been a great addition
to my regular workouts for so many reasons.
Despite what many may think
it is a really great workout!
Your 'practice' is all your own-
it isn't about what others around you are doing
it is just about you and your body
and tuning into what it is capable of.
Just like any other type of workout
you will get out of it what you put into it.
There are so many great ways that
you can really challenge your body in yoga!
At the same time,
there are so many modifications in yoga
so anyone can do it!
It is a great way to dedicate time to good stretching
(which is something that I have always loved).
Yoga really helps connect your body and your mind!
For me, yoga is very calming
and helps re-energize me to tackle life's challenges.
Yoga has really helped me be
more mindful of my breathing, my posture
and being in the current moment.
My list could go on and on.
If you haven't tried yoga
I really suggest you give it a chance-
it might just surprise you like it did me!
Gratitude Challenge- Day 17
"What TEXTURE are you most grateful for? (snap a picture of it for us if you can) Tell us why you are grateful for it."
I have to admit that when I first read today's assignment I thought it was a bit weird. Who thinks about being grateful for TEXTURE? But after spending some time thinking about it I had the perfect answer and in the process of thinking about it I had lots of great memories that were brought up as well!
I actually have two textures that I am very grateful for...
fleece and flannel. As a person who tends to be cold most of the time (and chooses to live in Wisconsin- crazy I know!) I love these textures because they are very warm and cozy and generally they mean snuggling with my boys and hubby. My boys have loved fleece blankets since they were born so that is a texture that brings back many memories of rocking and snuggling my babies! They still snuggle under fleece blankets everyday! As for the flannel- I love my flannel sheets but mostly I am grateful for my flannel quilt that was made with love by my mom! This quilt gets pulled out almost every night when it is time to relax and snuggle and I am grateful for all of the time and energy she put into making it for me.
Have you tried yoga?
What is your "reset button"?
What TEXTURE  are you most grateful for and why?
 I would love to hear your responses... please share your answers by leaving a comment.


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