Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Monday

Last week was a little rough for me
in the areas of fitness and eating!
I got in some good workouts
on my days off
but on the days that I worked
I let excuses get in my way.
Eating was good until the end of the week
then a stressful day got the best of me.
I had a goal for the week to eat mindfully
and I was very mindful of the fact
that I was emotionally eating Friday night!
I guess acknowledging that is the first step, right?
Stopping it once I acknowledge it is the next step!
It is now a new week
with a fresh start!
I need a do-over on the challenge exercises
 so we are keeping them the same this week.
20 jumping jacks
20 crunches
20 squats
20 push-ups
:30 plank
Repeat 3x for time
NO EXCUSES this week!!
I have mentioned in a past post
that I have been doing daily intentions
but I don't think that I mentioned
that I have also been doing weekly intentions (or a weekly focus) as well.
As a way to hold myself accountable
I am going to share them with you this week.
Run 3 times
Complete weekly challenge exercises at least 5 times
Attend yoga class
Attend group strength training class
Eat mindfully and watch portions
No late evening snacking
Water, Water, Water
Complete daily gratitude challenge
I will do a follow up at the end of the week
to report back.
If you follow me on social media
feel free to hold me accountable to these intentions!
Gratitude Challenge, Day 2:
Take a few minutes to look around at your surrounds and write about what you are grateful for in regards to  your surroundings.
As I look around me I realize that I really do have everything that I need to live a wonderful life! First, a nice home to keep us safe and warm. My home isn't large or fancy but it meets our needs just fine! We live in a nice neighborhood with amazing neighbors that I am very grateful for and am blessed to have in my life. I am grateful to live where I do- I love experiencing the four seasons and all of the beauty that goes with each. I love everything from the river to the bluffs and all that each have to offer as we seek an active lifestyle.
I am grateful for an amazing family who loves and supports me as well as one another. My three boys are my world and I love that we are able to do so many wonderful things as a family. My husband is my best friend and my rock! He supports me through it all and is right by my side on all of our crazy adventures.
I am grateful for the many wonderful friends that surround me and support me in so many ways! I can't imagine my life without them.
As I look around me it isn't necessarily the "things" that I appreciate- they are just things! It is the people and the environment that surrounds me that I appreciate so much.
How about you? Please share what you are grateful for in regards to your surroundings.
**Note: I worked a 12 hour day shift and came home and got right down to business and got my weekly challenge workout done. YAY ME!!!

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