Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If it doesn't challenge you...

This week is shaping up to be a pretty
good week as far as workouts go
and I am really enjoying the gratitude challenge.
I am definitely challenging myself
 in many different ways this week
and that is what it is going
to take to make changes!
Last night I got in 8 miles on the bike
and then we lifted arms/back.
I also pushed myself hard
on my weekly challenge workout
and I believe it is a PR.
My Instagram from last night. I love this quote!
The Y was busy last night so we (Tim, Riley, and I)
 ended up doing the challenge workout
in the basement at home.
Riley has really been getting into this one
and I believe his time was 5:12!
Dang kid!!
I am going to have to push it harder
to keep up with him.
After we were all done
and I was spending some time stretching
this is what I witness and it melted my heart!
Aidan wanted in on the action
and Riley was teaching him to plank.
By looking at the last picture
I think Little Man has pretty good technique
and should tell Ry to get his booty down!
That brings us to today.
I got in a solid (ok but not wonderful)
5 miles on the treadmill at the Y.
I spent a good amount of time stretching
and ended it with some time in the water
where I got in a half mile.
The water felt wonderful but the run left me
with little in the tank.

Gratitude Challenge, Day 4:
"Today I want you to write about a situation you have been in that at the time was not good, but in the end you are grateful you went through it. What lesson did you learn and why are you grateful for it now?
I have had several situations that I could use for this entry. I have written about several in my journal but for this post I will go with being a melanoma survivor.  Two years ago I learned that I had melanoma and had to have a portion of my ear and lymph nodes in my neck removed. That situation straight up SUCKED! I was diagnosed right before Christmas but couldn't find out anything more until early January when I had my surgery. The waiting and the worrying were just awful. I don't know that I am ever going to be grateful for having gone through all of that but I definitely learned some lessons from all of it. I learned who had my back and who was there for me when I needed them the most! Going through those couple of rough months helped me to be grateful for the little things and taught me that those are actually the big things in life. The beauty in the little things were greatly magnified and still are- the beauty of fresh fallen snow, the twinkle of Christmas lights, the smiles on my boys' faces, the sky full of stars on a dark night. During that time all of those things became so important to me and helped me get through it all. Having that tough time helped me to be more present and live in the moment and to make the most of the time we have. You aren't guaranteed tomorrow and you just never know what is ahead!
Here is assignment number two for the day...
yep, double duty today!
"Write about a talent you possess that you are grateful for and why."
I am drawing a blank on this one. I don't necessarily consider myself a talented person so I don't know where to go with this assignment. The first thing that comes to mind is that I am relatively flexible but is that really a talent? The second thing that comes to mind is that I am able to push myself to my limits but again- I don't know that I consider that a talent. All these questions/doubts led me to looking up the definition of talent.
A natural aptitude or skill.
When I think of talent I think of music, art, writing, or being a stand out in a sport. I feel like I have been a pretty good athlete but never a stand out. I think there is some natural ability as far as sports are concerned but I have really had to work for what I have achieved in that area. I am grateful for that natural drive to push myself in all that I do. I am grateful for that interest in being active because it has brought with it go many great experiences where I have met many wonderful people.
Have you been doing the weekly challenge workout? If so, please comment to share how it's going!
What is a situation that was bad at the time but that you are now grateful for having been through? What lesson did you learn?
What is a talent that you possess that you are grateful for and why?

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