Monday, February 16, 2015

It's "D" day for me

Maybe I should say double d day-
Dermatology & Dentist that is.
I started my day with my dreaded
6 month Dermatology follow up
which means a full body skin check.
I hate being examined from head to toe
under the special magnifying glass/light.
I know that it is a necessary evil
but it really doesn't make it any easier.
The only thing that made it better was
hearing that everything looks good.
It does feel good to have the reassurance
that all of the freckles and moles
that I am constantly analyzing
are completely normal
and hopefully they stay that way!
Back again in another 6 months
to continue to keep an eye on everything.
From the clinic it was back home
to pick up the boys (no school day)
and head to the Dentist-
another place that I hate to go!
News wasn't as good there-
I get to go back to have some old cavities replaced,
Aidan has a couple of cavities to take care of,
and Isaac and Riley both need an Orthodontist consult.
I am going to need a second job
to take care of everyone's teeth!
After all of that "fun" I needed a workout!
It was getting close to lunch time
but Riley and I managed to get in a quick
swim despite the pool being pretty crazy
and being limited on time.
We made more progress
on our Indoor Ironman Challenge
and it was a great way to spend
some one-on-one time with Riley!
For a kid that has never really swam laps
he killed it and did a pretty good job
keeping up with me.
It wasn't a long workout
but it was just what we needed!
Gratitude Challenge- Day 16
"What invention are you most grateful for and why?"
I asked Riley this question on our way back from swimming today and his answer impressed me. He said he was grateful for the invention of immunizations because without them we could get very sick and/or die. Wow! For a kid that loves technology (iPod, Xbox, computer, etc) that answer really surprised me and made me realize that maybe he is paying more attention to the news and media around him than I thought. I have to admit that my answer when I first thought about his question wasn't nearly as impressive- I am grateful for the heated seats in my van! With our Wisconsin winters the past few years they have been wonderful! More seriously though there are so many inventions that I am grateful for. I am grateful for all of the inventions in regards to medicine- detection, treatment, and prevention of cancers.

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