Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!
Today is my "Sunday" as I work
the next three days (12 hr. shifts).
For today's post I am going to do "Three Things Thursday".
1) Workouts-
I am feeling really good about my workouts this week!!
Last night I got in another great workout
and got in way more than I had planned.
Having run in the morning
I told the boys that they could run
and I would take it easy on the recumbent bike
and read my book.
I don't normally read while I work out
but I wasn't going to push it on this workout
and just wanted to get some bike miles in for the Indoor Ironman.
I had about 6 miles in when
Tim and Ry were done running
but the weight area was packed
so they got on the bikes next to me
until the weight area opened up a bit.
Another 6 miles later it looked good.
That made 12 miles on the bike for me!!
Riley was hesitant about a workout
so I promised him a "fun" workout
and that meant...
medicine balls!
We set up a couple of different circuits
that I had a ton of fun with
but I am not sure that Tim and Ry
would agree with me.
Things were starting to get busy again
so we headed home to do our challenge workout.
Riley killed it again with a time of 5:12!
I don't know how he does it
but I know I won't get close.
I did PR again
but at the cost of losing my form!
Instagram from last night's workout.
Being that today is Thursday
that meant Group Strength Class at the Y.
Today was another challenging workout
but it felt amazing to get through it.
We took another field trip to the gym
for our warm up.
This is a whole workout in itself!
Weighted step-ups on the bleachers,
medicine ball wall slams
and pushing 25 lb plates across the gym
all times two.
I was definitely "warmed up"!
Then it was back to the studio
for the "real workout".
Last week I took a friend to the class
and she joined me again this week.
It was nice to have a friend there next to me.
She was a ROCKSTAR!
2) Latest read
Above I mentioned reading while I biked last night.
A few weeks ago I started this book:
After reading at the Y last night I got sucked in
and couldn't put it down!
I read while we watched TV
and then I even read for a while before bed
because I had to finish it.
What a great book!
It was interesting to read about Chrissie's life
and her triathlon and Ironman experiences
but it was also very inspiring.
It definitely made me think about pushing the limits
and what that means in my life.
I would definitely recommend this book!
3) Gratitude Challenge, Day 5
"Today we are going to write about nutrition and food. I want you to write about 3 foods or nutritional type things that you are grateful for and why you are grateful for them.
1) I am grateful for Oatmeal- I love to start my day off with a bowl of oatmeal (especially these cold winter days in Wisconsin).  There are so many ways that you can change things up and make it different each day. It is also very filling and holds me over till lunch. Oatmeal is one thing that I can eat for breakfast and then run shortly after eating it. It is always my breakfast before a race! 
2) I am grateful for fruit- It is an easy snack or addition to a meal. Unlike veggies, it is easy to get my whole family to eat fruit! I love to make fruit smoothies after a tough workout or run!
3) I am also grateful for dark chocolate, specifically this chocolate!
I love to keep these in the house for that sweet treat once in a while after supper. I tend to have a sweet tooth and one square totally satisfies that craving without over doing it. YUM!! 
Now it's your turn...
What 3 foods or nutritional type things are you grateful for and why?
Do you ever read when you workout?
What book would you recommend?
Please comment below to share!!

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