Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Place

Has it already been nearly 2 weeks since my last post? I have written so many posts in my head over the past couple of weeks that I can't believe that it has already been that long. The problem is that all of those posts never actually made it to the blog! I am nearing the end of my "glory week" so I really don't even have any good reasons why they haven't made it... they just haven't.
A while back my Scentsy Director posted this on our team Facebook page:
"Where is your happy place?"
My original answer at the time of the Facebook post was "working out... outside or at the gym." I have spent a lot of time thinking about this since it was posted!  Over the past several weeks I have had numerous people comment to me about how great I am doing with my workouts because they have seen my posts on social media. My response to them was "it's my happy place".  It feels so good to push myself to see what my body can do. Does it actually feel good while I am doing it? Not always! But it sure feels great when I am done and I can look back to see what I have accomplished! Working out (in whatever way it may be) makes me feel happy!
Here are a few pictures of me in that happy place from the past couple of weeks:
Getting outside for a run with my little man on his bike (4 miles)

My Piyo time with my hubby

Another great run outside with my hubby and little man- enjoying the beautiful spring weather
trying new workouts together

Being silly after a workout

Solo run outside

making progress together

As I have continued to think about this question over the past several weeks I have also come to realize that while this answer is very much the truth, it is only part of it. Working out makes me happy but it is not the only thing that makes me happy. It isn't the only thing that can take me to my "HAPPY PLACE"- that place where you have an overwhelming sense of happiness inside. My happy place is when I am doing what I enjoy and when I am with people that are important to me. My happy place is living in the moment and being connected to whoever I am with at the time. It may be with someone who helps to make me feel better about myself or maybe I am able to help them in some way. My happy place is making the most of every moment that I am given!
Here are a few more examples from the past couple of weeks:

Ladies Day- spent with family (Mom, Grandma, Aunts, and Cousins)
This is an old picture but represents any time spent with these three crazies!
Quiet time alone- snuggled up with the dogs and a good book
Just about anything I do with this man by my side
Where is your "HAPPY PLACE"?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday week

I have almost made it through my "hell" week. No, my week really hasn't been that bad. It is just the term used for the week of my schedule where I work a bunch in a row. I do 12 hour shifts and work every third weekend so I have "hell weeks" and "glory weeks" with a few regular weeks mixed in. Those "glory weeks" make "hell weeks" so much more bearable!!!
I worked last weekend and then was off on Monday which was nice because it was my birthday!
 I had a nice quiet and relaxing day at home. The weather warmed up a bit so I was able to run outside to celebrate my day. It was a tough run but I was so happy to get outside that I pushed through. When I looked at my mile splits and saw that I had one mile in the 8's I realized why it was so tough! I am generally pretty good about pacing myself but the combination of running on the treadmill most of the winter and being excited to run outside made me realize that I need to strengthen that skill again.
4.3 miles
Once my family was all home we went out for supper at Applebee's (well four of us did... one child may have had a meltdown about my choice of restaurants and ended up staying home while we ate)  before going to Riley's Jazz Band Concert. This was the first that I got to see him play for Jazz Band due to my work schedule so it was really nice. They did a great job! Overall it really was a good day and I am so blessed!!
After being off on Monday then it was back to work for a couple of days again. Even with this past week being my "hell week" and working a lot I have been getting in a workout even after I get home from work!! I am participating in a 60 day Piyo challenge and am loving it! One of my hopes from doing this challenge was to find something that I could do even on the days that I work and I can honestly say that I have been able to do just that! The workouts are just the right length to fit in quick when I get home. The lower body workout was a great way to stretch my legs after a long day on my feet. I am sure I will be telling you more in the future as we are only on week 2 of the challenge!
Today it was back to group strength class and what a workout it was! Once again we used all kinds of different "tools" and made a quick "field trip" to the gym for our warm up. Lots of squats and upper body today which made me worried for how tonight's Upper Body Piyo workout was going to go. After a bit of rest this afternoon we headed up to The Y tonight as a family and Tim and I got in a quick 5K run on the treadmill before some good stretching. It was a short workout so we still had time for Piyo once we got home. Like I said, I was worried about how it was going to go after the GST class but I really didn't need to worry. It was a great workout and I am already seeing improvements. The upper body workout might be one of my favorites and I know that it will be one that I will continue to do well after the challenge is over!
post- workout selfie for the challenge group page