Sunday, January 25, 2015

Journaling and reflection

Over the past few months,
I found myself becoming more and more negative
and getting sucked into the negativity at work
and I didn't like it!
That is not who I am!
Because of this,
I have spent a lot of time researching
and reading about focusing on positive thoughts
and changing your mindset.
Yesterday I told you about setting daily intentions
and that has really helped me.
Something else that I have been doing
is journaling and ending the day
with some reflection.
I have read a lot about how these two things can
really help keep your thoughts positive
 and help you see the good.
It also gives you a place for the negativity to go.
I found a few journal prompts that have been really helpful-
** Think back over the day and give one situation for each category:
High, Low, Weird
** Think back over the day and answer the following:
This made me SMILE today:
This made me THINK today:
This is something I wish I had DONE DIFFERENTLY today:
This is something I LEARNED today:
This is the GOOD I did today:
Over the past week I have used these prompts
to start conversations
and I have to say it was so much FUN!
They were very well received at work,
where there has been such a negative vibe lately-
 I plan to continue to end my shifts
 reflecting on my day in this way.
In an effort to change the negative vibe
I am also going to make it a practice to
ask these questions of my coworkers.
We have also been doing
something similar during dinner with the boys.
It is amazing the power that doing these things has.
It really does help change your mindset when you reflect on your day in this way!
Give it a try and let me know what you think:)

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