Tuesday, December 4, 2012

YMCA Jingle Bell 5 Mile Run & Rudolph's Dash

What a fun and crazy weekend!
Our weekend started off with my best friend and her family coming to town. We ate dinner and had an interesting conversation that included "footie pjs" and "sock monkey". Our husbands' sarcastic comments were "How Sexy!"  Once dinner was done and cleaned up the two of us headed out to drive the Jingle Bell 5 Mile race route. We weren't ready to head home when we were done so we decided to do a little shopping. 
 We were pretty excited when we found Sock Monkey footie pjs and she had to try them on so we could send a picture to our husbands. Doesn't she look sexy?
Pre- Jingle Bell 5 Mile
 Having fun at Target seems to be a pre-5 mile race ritual between the two of us. The following couple of pictures were taken before the 2012 S-NO-W Fun Run 5 Mile Race in Lake Geneva, WI.
The two of us in Target pre- S-NO-W Fun Run

Her husband in Target pre- S-NO-W Fun Run
Saturday started off with a quick Coulee Region MRTT (Moms RUN This Town)/ Reedsburg MRTT meet up. We have been "chatting" on Facebook for months so it was nice to finally find a race to do "together".
Nikki, Robyn, me, Julie
We discussed our "plans" for the race, got a quick picture and then it was time to head outside to the start line. I didn't really have much of a plan. I knew I wanted to finish under 50 minutes and I was hoping for a 5 mile PR (under 47:45.2). Julie, who is much faster than me, told me earlier in the week that she was going to stick with me and just have a fun race. I was excited to be able to run with her because I knew she would encourage and push me (and she did just that!).
We started off pretty good. The first couple of miles we were headed into the wind but it wasn't bad. The temperature was great for December 1st in Wisconsin. Julie and I talked throughout the race and things felt good.  I remember her telling me that we had an awesome pace. That felt really good since I was feeling pretty comfortable at that point. As we turned the final corner into the Y parking lot she told me to sprint, that we only had 10 seconds left and that I could do it! We both sprinted to the finish line and finished with exactly the same time and I was shocked! My MotoActv said 43:14!! I did it! A 5 mile PR! Thank you Julie for pushing me and helping me get there! It felt amazing! 
We found the other MRTT ladies and headed inside to find water and bananas. We hung out for a little while getting to know each other and discussing the race. Robyn and I even tossed out the possibility of doing a triathlon next summer. Julie promised to help us train for the running and biking and said that she would be there to cheer us on!
Later in the morning we headed back to the Y with my little man, Aidan, for him to do his first race. He has watched his brothers do races and he was just waiting for one that he was old enough to do. Finally it was his turn! He was so excited having me put his number on him but once we got him to the gym for stretching with Santa and Rudolph he wouldn't let go of me. We walked out to the start line together and it was very clear that he wasn't going to do the run on his own. On your marks.... get set....go... and a group of kids brave enough to run without parents took off. A few seconds later the second wave, including me and Aidan along with several other kids (some screaming) and their parents took off and ran to give Santa and Rudolph a high five. Aidan held my hand the whole time but at least he wasn't screaming and crying! Once we crossed the finish line he was so proud of himself. He gave Santa and Rudolph a high five and collected his finisher's ribbon. You would have thought he won the race!
Way to go on your first race little man!

That is only the beginning of our crazy weekend. In between the two races there was a basketball game for Isaac. After Aidan's race there was a basketball game for Riley and karate testing for Isaac. More on all of that to come.


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