Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Weekly Chase

 I love following Mindy at Road Runner Girl .  I think this is one of my favorite blogs to follow and I would recommend that you go check it out! She does The Weekly Chase and after reading about it each week I have decided that it is just what I need. What is The Weekly Chase? It is all about setting goals for the week and going after them!

I am a day behind for this week because, after reading Mindy's post, I was thinking about what my goals should be for this week. These weekly goals will help me reach my long term goals without being overwhelming. Many of mine are the same as Mindy's at this point.
Here are my goals for this week:
1) No snacking after 8:30-  After we get the boys to bed and we have our time to just relax I am really bad about feeling like I need a snack. I really don't need it. I realize that I just feel like I want it. If I can cut out this snack it will help me in my goal to lose weight.
2) Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day- I usually drink a lot of water but I feel like I have been slacking in this area lately. I would like to get my water intake back to where it should be.
3) Swim Laps 2 times this week- If I am going to consider doing a 'tri' next year I need to keep up the swimming and want to make it a part of my weekly routine.
4) Make friends with the foam roller and use 3 times this week-My IT band continues to be a little sassy and I know the foam roller will help a great deal. Its just that it hurts so good to use it! I just need to do it if I want to see improvement.
5) Make good choices in my eating- My diet is a work in progress. It is way better than it use to be but I need to make myself more aware and make better choices all of the time.
6) Continue to get my miles in for the Runner's World Run Streak
7) Continue to do my squats for the Holiday Squat-athon

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out girl! I am so excited you are joining the Weekly Chase! Great goals and good luck with them! I know you can do it!!!