Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekend part 2

This week has been very busy in our house! Take out a couple of afternoon/evenings that I had to work. One night that we hosted a Pampered Chef party and one night of Karate and having to run out and buy a new garage door opener and the week is already gone.
I am finally back with the rest of our weekend fun. I mentioned in my earlier post that between the Jingle Bell Run and the Rudolph's Dash that Isaac had his first basketball game.
He did a great job handling the ball and had a number of assists in the game. It is amazing the growth from last year. He is starting off the season with a much better understanding of the game and it will be fun to see how much more he progresses over this season.
After the Rudolph's Dash we headed to Riley's first basketball game. He also did a great job with ball handling. He is getting to the age where they are finally putting plays together and it is fun to watch the team dynamics play out.

After the game we headed home and had an amazing salad bar. I wish I would have taken a picture of it and can't believe that I didn't. The whole counter was filled with "toppings" for our salads. We had just about everything you could want. I also should have taken a picture of the bowls used to hold the salads! I thought Tim and I  made big salads but when my bestie used a mixing bowl for her salad it made mine look like a mini-side salad. I will be moving up to the mixing bowl in the future!
Next up- Isaac's first test for Karate. We had no idea of what to expect so it was very interesting to see how the whole process worked and to see how good Isaac did. He was very proud of passing his first test and moving up to a yellow stripe belt. Way to go Isaac! We are so proud of your hard work:)

Isaac getting his new belt.
After Isaac's test we headed home and Tim made his famous (well to family and friends anyway) pizza for dinner. We even tried something new- broccoli, chicken,  and ranch. It was super yummy!!
It has veggies on it so it isn't too bad for us... right?
Finally it was time to head to Rotary Lights! As a family we try to make it to the park at least once every year. Last year we took our friends and I think it has turned into a new tradition for our families to go together. The kids love to explore the park and visit Santa together.
Two of my favorite guys!

All of the kids in Santa's Sleigh

Me and my family

My bestie and her family.
My boys with Santa

 If you have kids- how do you keep them active? What activites are they involved in?
What is your favorite kind of pizza? My boys would say "Daddy's Pizza". I would have to agree. My husband makes the best pizza. As far as my favorite toppings- I vary based on my mood. I love bacon, chicken, ranch. But I also really like taco or bacon cheeseburger pizza too.
What are some of your holiday traditions?

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