Friday, December 7, 2012

A little piece of heaven

When I arrived at the Y this morning I was shocked to find this...
...calm, still water and nobody in the pool!
 I even asked at the desk if it was closed and was told, "No, it's open. There is just nobody using it right now." I was so excited; I have never had the whole pool to myself before! Quickly I headed up to the treadmill to get my run streak mile in as fast as I could and headed back to the locker room to get ready for the pool. Lucky for me there was still nobody in the water and it was still calm and relaxing. I felt bad for the lifeguards though- they were enjoying a nice break and now I was making them go back to work! I enjoyed a good portion of my mile swim with the pool to myself. It really was a little piece of heaven.
What do you find relaxing/calming? What is your "little piece of heaven"?


  1. What a sweet surprise! I'm impressed you're doing the streak, my body didn't like it last time I tried. Nice work!

  2. i'm not a big swimmer so i'd say that great surprise for u would have been like me finding the BEST gym treadmill with the front view of the TV was totally mine. :)