Friday, October 10, 2014

How did that happen?

15 years already?
What were we,
about 8 when we got married?
It blows my mind that it has already been 15 years since our wedding.
Here are a few of my favorite candid shots from our special day (15 years ago yesterday):

Yesterday I started working on a special post
in honor of our 15 years of marriage
but in the process I was sent
on a trip down memory lane!
I got caught up in looking back
through old pictures.
I really don't have the words that
could ever express how much I love this man
and/or how blessed and grateful I am
that we get to share our life's journey together.
I tried my best to express it in words last year
and don't feel like I even came close to doing it or him justice.
This year I am going to try a different approach.
Since I spent most of yesterday on a trip down memory lane
I am going to share some of that trip with you.
Here is a quick trip, in pictures, 
back over the past 15+ years:
High School Sweethearts
Just the 2 of us

Fun times as a family of 2
Traveling together

Baby makes a family of 3

Now a family of 4

Good times as a family of 4
Now we are a family of 5

Just the five of us

Fun times as a family of 5

Running through this crazy life together!
I hope you enjoyed this little
trip down memory lane as much as I did!
Looking back at it all yesterday was a little emotional-
the past 15 years have gone by so fast.
There have been struggles
and bumps in our path
but at the same time we have
been blessed with so many great memories.
How can it already be 15 years since our wedding?
It doesn't feel like we are old enough for all of this!
It feels like just a couple of years ago that
we were traveling as just the two of us
and now it is the five of us!
How are we old enough to have a 12, 9, and 5 year old?
The boys have grown up in the blink of an eye
and before we know it
we will be just the two of us again!
 The following are some of the
most recent pictures I have of us together-

post-run photo

I love the way he is looking at me here:)

My crazy man!
He is a little crazy but I love that about him!

He is my prince-charming!
Here's to many more great years
of running through life together!

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