Friday, April 5, 2013

Stick with it...

I came across this picture on Facebook recently and it got my attention and made me think back to just a few years ago when I started working out and running.
I have so many friends/ family that make the comments that they can't do what I do when it comes to running or exercise. They make comments like, "It is so hard", "I can't run", "I could never even run a mile", and on and on. You know what? I use to say those same things!
When I started running just 3 years ago - IT WAS HARD! I started out with small goals of running a block or running to a certain point and then as I could do it, I expanded on it. I stuck with it and now as I am training for my first full marathon it is amazing to remember where I was then and how far I have come. As we do our long training runs we are running several of those same routes that we use to do but we are adding several of them together. What was once so hard is now just a small piece of where we are going! There are times that it is still hard but that is because I continue to push myself, challenge myself, and work on improving. It should be hard sometimes - if it's not then you aren't moving forward!
Just stick with it but take time to enjoy the journey! In the future you will be glad you did! 

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