Thursday, April 18, 2013

Run, Work, Run... Repeat

The story of my life this week has been: run, go to work, go to bed, get up, and repeat.... several times! I picked up an extra shift to help out a co-worker plus my extra shift that I went up to the beginning of the year, plus my normal shift - this week I am feeling the extra shifts! Add in the tragedy in Boston, kids activities, and normal everyday life "stuff" and life feels a little out of balance this week! Somehow we are getting it all done.
 I have had some of the best runs this week. I have felt strong and re-energized. I have a new sense of motivation that has come from all of the coverage of Boston. It feels amazing to be a part of such an wonderful community of people that have pulled together to stand united!

With all of the craziness this week I realized that I still hadn't updated my Weekly Chase for the week. Last week I was dealing with sick kids and being sick myself. I did the best I could during the week  but I didn't reach many of my goals. I have continued to work on them again this week and will report in on them on Monday!

Challenge Goal: Improve my eating habits!
  • This week I will make sure to have at least one fruit or vegetable with each meal/snack.
  • This week I will be more conscious of my water intake and I will get it back to where it needs to be each day.
  • Challenge Goal: Become a stronger runner!
    • This week I will do my daily planks and at least two core workouts.
    • This week I will add in at least two strength sessions.
    • This week I will make sure to get in at least one cross-training session.
    • This week I will get all of my marathon training runs completed.
  • Challenge Goal: Become a better mother!
    • This week I will make time to spend time with each of my boys individually.
    • This week I will have conversations with the boys about what they would like to see change in our life/family so that we have stronger connections.

    How is your week going? What has the effect of Boston been like for you?

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