Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My heart (& mind) is in Boston!

I am just about speechless about the tragedy in Boston yesterday. From watching the news coverage for hours, reading all of the posts on Facebook and social media sites, to finally getting away from it all and heading out the door for a quick 5k run despite it being a rest day - it has consumed me since I first heard about it yesterday afternoon! As I watch the news coverage I can't imagine what those spectators, runners, volunteers, etc. went though. My heart is with all of them!
It has been amazing to see how everyone is coming together to support the people in Boston! Today I am wearing a race shirt as part of the movement to show our support! Are you? If you don't have a race shirt, wear blue and yellow to show your support!
This morning I also showed my support by getting back out there and running! 5 miles done this morning to honor and remember Boston. Despite running on the treadmill indoors I had chills for most of my run! The news coverage was on the TV directly in front of me and it was heartbreaking to watch as they told some of the stories, especially about the little 8 year old boy that was killed watching his father cross the finish line. It was also uplifting to see the stories of the heros that stepped in to help! Get out there today and run to remember Boston! Runners UNITED!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & linking up on Kids Running Wild. Keep running!