Monday, June 24, 2013

The Weekly Chase!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a better weekend than I did! I had to work all weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun, 2:30-11:00 PM). Saturday night I ended up having to stay due to a sick call and no coverage. I finally was able to leave about 4:30 Sunday morning only to have to return at 2:30 PM and cover multiple units. Add in that Riley had a three day baseball tournament, which I missed all but one game of, and it was a crazy weekend that kicked my butt!
Riley's team played great in the game that I was able to see and it sounds like they played well in their other games too. They played well enough that they placed second in the tournament! We are proud of you Onalaska 11U!
Onalaska 11U- Way to go on 2nd Place!
Another highlight from my weekend was being the Runner Spotlight over at Road Runner Girl! I have been following Mindy for a while now and can really relate to her as a runner and as a mom of boys. She has been such an inspiration and motivation to me to keep working hard and working towards my goals in fitness and in life. In a way she has become a friend- I often talk about her to my husband like she is someone that I see or get together with often- I guess in a way I do when I read her posts! I look forward to following her journey and maybe one day I will be able to meet up with her in real life!
Now it is time to take a look at my goals and see how things have gone over the past week! Remember it is not about perfection- it is about progress! 
Let's take a look back at what my goals were for last week:
Run 3 times- Didn't happen! I only got in one slow run
Bike 3 times- Done! 6/17- 6 miles, 6/19- 5 miles, and 6/20- 8 miles
2 strength training sessions- Nope:( I need to work on this and continue to have it as a goal.
2 core workouts- Nope:( Once again I need to work on this and continue to have it as a goal
Try one new healthy recipe- Success! We got a new sandwich "grill" and made paninni's that were wonderful. They have become a new "go to" recipe when we are in a hurry.
Do something each day to be active WITH my boys- Success during the week, fail for the weekend. Monday we biked. Tuesday we went hiking at Hixon Forest. Then later in the evening they biked while Tim and I ran 2 miles. Wednesday we biked together and then in the afternoon we walked my Dad's dogs and Aidan rode his bike. Thursday we hiked at Perrot State Park. Once Friday hit Riley had baseball games and life got crazy. It was a lot of fun to spend time biking, hiking, and running with the boys!
3 blog posts- Only got two posts done even though I have several more planned in my head! Too bad my computer can't read my mind!!
Report back on The Weekly Chase on MONDAY! DONE! It is Monday and I am back to report to you despite not quite meeting my goals. That is what it is all about though- having something to work towards and doing the best we can! There are times that I am successful and there are times, more than I would like lately, that I have to be humble and report that I didn't succeed. Sometimes it is hard to come back and tell you that I didn't meet my goals but it also gives me something to strive for next week!
With that being said  I think my goals are mostly the same for this week. Here are my goals for this week:
Run at least 3 times (I am starting to look at a few half marathons for fall and it is time to get back at it!)
Bike 3 times
2 strength training sessions
2 core workouts
Try one new healthy recipe
Do something active with my boys each day
3 blog posts (with one being an update on my ear/neck)
Report back on The Weekly Chase on MONDAY!
What were you up to over the weekend?
Who is someone that helps inspire/motivate you?
What are your goals for the week?


  1. I love your dailymile widget - how do I get it?? the new healthy recipe sounds great - can't wait to see what it ends up being!!

    We went to a wedding and did midnight golfing this weekend!!

  2. Great job on your goals Heather! I love that you are keeping at the ones that you want to work on more! And blush! You are too sweet! I feel like I know you too through your blog! I hope for sure that we can meet one day! That would be amazing!!!