Monday, June 3, 2013

The Weekly Chase

We had a crazy, but very fun, weekend! We were suppose to meet some friends to go camping but at the last minute they had a family commitment that needed to be their priority so we decided to postpone our camping trip to this fall. In the end it worked out well for us too! We started our weekend off by meeting my mom to help her celebrate her birthday from earlier in the week.
Grandma and her boys!
There is a restaurant along the Mississippi River that is about half-way for both of us that we all really like. Because of that, the "Roadhouse" tends to be our celebrating spot! It was such a nice night that we were finally able to sit on their patio to enjoy our meal and time together.
The rest of our weekend was spent watching Riley play baseball in a local tournament that he was going to have to miss if we would have gone camping. It was a crazy weather weekend: Saturday was sunny and warm for the first game and then chilly and rainy for the second. Sunday brought out the winter coats and blankets for the first game and then the second game the sun came out and it got warm. I guess you just never know what Wisconsin weather is going to bring. I never expected to need my winter coat and multiple layers in June!
He played his first tournament when we were gone for the marathon so this was our first time watching him play this year. It was also our first time to get to know some of the kids and their parents. I think we are in for a great summer with him playing on this team!
Riley with some of his teammates and friends!
Once again it has been a few weeks since I participated in the Weekly Chase! Maybe participating each week needs to be a goal!
Here were my previous goals:
  • Hydrate properly each day this week in preparation for the marathon. Done! We did a great job even with traveling and being tourist the couple of days leading up to the race.
  • Eat right- make good choices, watch portion sizes, and skip seconds. 75% done. With the marathon and recovery we started to slack. I did better on portion sizes and skipped seconds most of the time but this is still an area that I need to improve on.
  • Sleep- start getting a good nights sleep each night this week. We did the best we could- I had to work a couple of nights leading up to us leaving for the race but we did get to bed "early" the Friday and Saturday nights before the race.
  • Taper- continue to follow the training plan and do the miles it tells us- no more than what it says because they don't feel like enough! 100% success! It was tough but we stuck with the plan. I wanted to add in biking but didn't!
  • Enjoy the weekend in Green Bay with my best friend, her husband and my wonderful hubby! We had an amazing weekend in Green Bay. Check out my posts about our weekend and the race.
  • Enjoy our first full marathon! 100% DONE!!!!

It's June...and that means a new challenge for the month! This month's challenge is called "Move Your Body!" It's summertime and I don't want us to forget about our fitness goals. This month I want you to be specific and make one of your goals a fitness goal. Your goal could be to run 3 times a week, strength or weight train twice a week, go for a walk everyday, or do at least 15 minutes of exercise each day. Whatever you want...just make it all about moving your body!
Here are my goals for this week:
  •  Run at least one mile each day to keep my Runner's World Run Streak going. (Challenge Goal)
  • Plank every day. (Challenge Goal)
  • Spend time with each of my boys individually.
  • Try a new healthy recipe.
  • Report back on The Weekly Chase next Monday :)
Did you have a good weekend? What were you up to?
What are your goals for this week?



  1. Portion control has been hard for me lately! I had that in check but not anymore! Gotta get myself in check. :-)

  2. Happy late birthday to your Mom! And I'm so glad you are back for the Weekly Chase!!! Good luck with your goals this week!!! I LOVE that you made posting the weekly chase one of your goals!!! ;-)

  3. So fun! Your goals are great and I love that you are wanting to spen individual time with your kiddos!