Monday, June 10, 2013

The Weekly Chase

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did! I spent the weekend juggling work and Riley's local baseball tournament. Tim and the younger two boys went back to help Grandma with a garage sale so that left me with just one child for the weekend. I have to admit it was kind of nice to only be responsible for one other life for a few days.
I was lucky enough that someone was willing to come in early for me on Friday night so I could leave early and get to Riley's first game of the tournament. It was a beautiful night for baseball and they played great and won! Riley and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves once the game was done. It was weird being just the two of us. We took Mollie (our Teddy Bear- bichon/shi tzu mix) for a two mile walk and Riley talked my ear off. Once we got home we made  baked cheese balls that I found on Pinterest. Riley loved them and said that we needed to make them again.
Saturday turned out to be another beautiful day for baseball. Riley's team did great and won both their 9 and 12 o'clock games putting them into the championship game at 6 PM. It was a lot of fun watching them play and do so well. The boys were pumped that they made it into the championship game!  I was excited for them but also bummed because I had to go into work and would have to miss it!
We have been so blessed that Riley is on this team this year- the other families have been wonderful and have been so willing to help us out to get him to and from games when we haven't been able to. He was able to hang out with one of his teammates until the game since I had to go to work. Then after the game they got him home for me! That mom was also texting me updates throughout the game so I knew what was happening! They ended up losing to a tough team! Second place is still very respectable and they were pleased with that!
Photo of the boys sent by text from another team mom :)
Sunday we took advantage of the chance to sleep in a little and then headed to the Y to get a workout in together. I ran 3 miles while Riley biked and did the rowing machine. Then we hit the Cybex weight machines together and did a quick leg workout. We finished up with some crunches on the Bosu with a weighted ball, planks, and stretching. It was a lot of fun to workout with Riley and he told me that we need to keep doing that this summer.
Being that it is Monday it is once again time for The Weekly chase!
These were my goals for the past week:
  • Run at least one mile each day to keep my Runner's World Run Streak going. (Challenge Goal) This goal was modified on 6/4- 
    My new goal for this week, to replace my run a mile a day, is to stretch and foam roll daily and do what is needed to get my leg feeling better! 
  • Plank every day. (Challenge Goal) See above! I was not successful on this goal! I planked yesterday with Riley at the Y.
  • Spend time with each of my boys individually. 100% successful :) I got lots of time with Aidan during the day before the boy were out of school. We spent time hitting the baseball in the backyard for a while after our run last Monday and had lots of fun with that. Tuesday I helped out on Isaac's field trip to the local Children's Museum- I wasn't one-on-one with him but he was excited to have that time with me without his brothers so I think that counts:) Then over the weekend I got in lots of time with Riley. It was really fun to have that time with him and it made me realize that we need to try to make that happen with each of the boys more often.
  • Try a new healthy recipe. It wasn't the healthiest recipe but Riley and I tried the baked cheese balls and loved them. We used lowfat string cheese, skim milk, and we baked them so at least they were a healthier alternative to fried cheese curds!
  • Report back on The Weekly Chase next Monday :) You are reading this and it is Monday:) DONE!
My goals for this week are:
Run 3 times (Challenge Goal)
Bike 2 times (Challenge Goal)
Get in at least 2 strength training sessions (Challenge Goal)
Stretch and foam roll at least 3 times.
Make healthy choices when it comes to meals and snacks.
Try one new healthy recipe.

What were you up to over the weekend?
How did you do on your goals last week?
What are your goals for this week?
What is your "go-to" healthy recipe? Please share- I NEED new ideas!


  1. I wrote my goals out over at my blog ( BUTT I wanted to shoot out a go to recipe for you - try hummus with celery sticks. I found hummus at walmart in 100 calorie packs so I don't eat the whole thing. ;)

  2. I hope the leg is feeling better Heather! I hope you are doing great with your goals this week! I love that you and your son had time together! It's awesome he goes to the gym with you!! :-)

  3. So....what was the new recipe? I think that is a great goal to have!!