Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Mini Vacation

Baseball has ended.
Football has started.
School registration has come and gone.
Supplies are purchased.
Middle school orientation is completed.
School open houses are this evening.
Summer is quickly coming to and end!
Before all of the craziness of the new school year we decided to take one last day to enjoy summer to the fullest- and to do it as a family! We didn't take a family vacation this summer because of so many other commitments. Instead we have done a few smaller (one or two day) family activities.
Tim was disappointed that he missed out on our Devil's Lake/SUP adventure so we decided to find a day to go back as a family.  Yesterday was that day!
 We packed a healthy lunch in the cooler, loaded up the car, and were on our way. When we arrived it was misting lightly and the beach was pretty empty but it was warm out and that was all that mattered to us. We found a great place along the beach and the boys were immediately off to play in the water and sand. It only took minutes before they were asking about getting a kayak.
We decided to rent a double kayak and take turns going out. Isaac and Riley were the first to go out. They took right off and did a great job of working together to go where they wanted to go!

Tim and I got in next and took Aidan along for the ride. For some reason we had a tough time working together to paddle and steer! We managed to get where we wanted to go but it wasn't always pretty. Aidan loved going out in the kayak and kept saying that we need to get one for us to keep.

Once we made it back to the beach I got out and Riley got in and went with Tim and Aidan for a little tour around the water. Then it was my turn to go back out with Isaac before our time was up. I was super impressed with how great Isaac did with the paddling! He was very strong and it was so much fun to get the chance to experience that with him. We talked and just enjoyed that time out on the water together. The two of us worked very well together on our paddling and turning. It was decided that we need to start saving so we can get kayaks of our own so that we can do this more often!
After returning the kayak we took a little break and enjoyed a picnic lunch- turkey and/or ham sandwiches, carrots, watermelon, grapes, and bottled water (all were quick and easy to prep and pack). The boys played in the water and sand while everyone finished eating and cleaned up.
Then it was time to SUP! I am not sure who was more excited- the boys, Tim, or me! The boys and I knew what it was all about since we had tried it a few weeks ago and Tim has been listening to us talk about it ever since. He was super excited to see what it was all about.
We rented two boards, got them in the water, and Riley and Isaac were off! The water was nice and calm so Isaac was able to keep up with Riley heading out. He struggled a bit with getting turned around but he did a great job this time out! Once we were able to get them to head back in it was time for Tim to give it a try. He was so eager that he hopped right on and was going to take off! It was a bit harder than he thought and he almost ended up right in the water (see first picture on the top left). Once he regained his balance he decided he should maybe start off a bit slower and dropped to his knees for a bit to get the paddling and balance down (see picture on the top right). Once he got a feel for it he was back to standing and did a great job- except for one dip in the water:)
Tim's first SUP adventure!
 Aidan and I took our turn and it was much easier this time with the water being calm. We were able to explore the lake a lot more and had so much fun. Aidan loved being out on the water- probably because I was doing all of the work!Next time my goal is to get him paddling on the SUP. I see a bunch of extra shifts in my future because a SUP is also on the family wish-list! 
Out of the 200 pictures taken this one has to be my favorite from the day!
We had so much fun on the SUPs. I think we all ended up in the water at least once. Yep, I ended up in the water - maybe I should practice the SUP for a while before trying to add in a "tree pose". I did manage to get it a few times (briefly) but it also resulted in me falling off once! Riley and Isaac even took on the challenge of trying to balance a "tree pose". I was impressed at how great they did!
Pardon the slightly blurry pictures but check out those "trees"! Not bad for our second time out on the SUP.
Our SUP time went too fast and it was really hard to turn them back in. I don't think any of us were ready to be done with them! Once they were returned they boys played in the sand and we took a few last pictures to remember the day by before it was time to pack up and head home.
What a fun day! It was so much fun to spend the day being active and trying new things as a family. All that paddling was no joke! I can feel it in my arms and core today!
Wait a minute- maybe that is partially to blame on our Tuesday evening workout! That workout sounded pretty reasonable but it was also no joke! Here is a quick run-down of what we did:
4 mile run- done on the treadmill (due to the heat)
stretching (chance to catch our breath)
10 squats, 10 push ups = 1 round; as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes
10 squats, 10 sit ups = 1 round; as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes 
The run was based on our half marathon training plan by Hal Higdon and the rest of the workout is one of the 3 shaper workouts from Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution by Chris Powell.
Tim and I also did measurements and photos on Tuesday night so that we have something to compare to down the road. I think this will help me see that I am changing even when it feels like I am not getting any where on the scale. Now it is time to KICK IT IN GEAR!!

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