Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time flies

The bad news is- time flies. The good news is- you're the pilot!
This was the post from a local yoga studio today and I have to say that I LOVE it! Last night while I was at work I started a whole post about how fast time flies so it was fitting to see this post this morning but it also gave me a whole new perspective!
Where I grew up the kids are starting school today! My three boys are lucky that we live in the state of Wisconsin where they don't start until after Labor Day so we get to enjoy a few more weeks of summer. Instead of starting school today we went for registration and school pictures.
Aidan (4K) and Isaac (3rd grade)

Riley (6th grade- first year of middle school)
This time of year always makes me realize how fast time seems to go by.  It felt like we were just nearing the end of the school year and now we are already nearing the end of summer and start of a new school year! As we get ready for them to each take their next steps in school I am noticing how much they are growing and changing and it is evident in all of the pictures that have been taken over the years. As a mom it is hard to see them grow up but at the same time it is so much fun to see each of them developing into who they are suppose to be and taking on new challenges!
Riley will be moving onto middle school- students from all elementary schools will now be together in the middle school, new lockers, new teachers, new schedules- the list of new experiences goes on and on for him!
Isaac will be the big brother at his school this year and has a teacher that we don't really know. It will be fun to see him start to "shine" as Riley won't be in the same building anymore.
Aidan will be going to school for the first time! This will be his first time away from everyone that he knows and it will be exciting to see him start to become more independent and learn so many new things.
We can't slow down time, even though there are so many times I would like to! Since we are the "pilots" we are going to make sure to take time to enjoy all of these moments and the memories that are created along the way the best we can!
This summer (and the past several) we have been watching Chris Powell's "Extreme Weight Loss" on ABC. It is so inspiring and motivating! I can't believe the transformations that people are capable of and it is amazing to see the process they go through. I have been wanting to read Chris Powell's books for a while now but didn't have the time! Over the past few weeks I have been working a BUNCH extra due to co-workers being on vacation and I finally got the chance to read "Choose to Lose" and am part way through "Choose More, Lose More for Life". My husband would say that I am obsessed with Chris Powell! I don't know that I would go that far but I have really been enjoying his books and he is pretty nice to look at too:)
So much of the information is the same stuff I have heard, read, seen before but he puts it in a way that it is "clicking" for me! Maybe I have just decided that I am ready for a change and I am finally in a place where I am ready to go after it! I will talk more about what I have gotten out of the books in future posts- for now one of my biggest take-aways is making promises to yourself and then working to keep those promises. 
Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting back on track and have been doing pretty good with my goals. There have been some slight slip-ups but I have recovered from them and moved on. As I go forward I am going to still set goals but then I am going to have my promises to myself to help me reach those goals. Time is not going to stand still and wait for me to catch up so I better get my butt in gear and hang on for the ride- I am the pilot and I am ready to enjoy the journey and memories that are made along the way! 


  1. Cute pics! Love the first one of them together. I love that they do registration and school pictures together. That way they don't have to wear their "picture clothes" to school all day and the school day isn't disrupted. Brilliant!! Enjoy your last little bit of summer. I teach 6th grade and I started back today!

    1. Jan you are a saint for teaching! I don't know how teachers do it- summers make me appreciate all that teachers do. Summers are a well earned break for you:)

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