Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our SUP Adventure

A few weeks ago my best friend and I had a "day at the lake" planned with our kids. My boys were super excited for this day and the 1 1/2 hour trip to get to their house felt like it took forever because they kept asking if we were almost there. Once we arrived we loaded up all of the necessary "lake going" items and a small picnic lunch and we headed out to Devil's Lake State Park.
When we arrived there weren't many people there being that it was the middle of the week. We were able to find a great spot on the beach with a picnic table right behind us. The kids took off to play in the water and Julie and I were able to relax and catch up!
The kids enjoying the beach!
It wasn't long and they started asking about renting a stand up paddle-board (SUP) or kayak- they knew it was part of the plan for the day and they were ready for the challenge! We got them to each eat a little lunch and then it was time to try out the SUP! 
Julie and her kids had done the SUP before but this was a first time for my boys and for me- we were all very excited to finally get a chance to try it out!
Tresajo got on one board and took right off, making it look really easy- she was a natural!
Isaac was first to go on the second board. The lake was wavy and windy so it took a little help to get the nose of his board headed out into the waves. With a little guidance he did great and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Isaac took on the challenge of figuring it out and I am so proud of how great he did! He loved it and was so proud of himself when he came in. It was so much fun to see him stick with it and figure it out! Next time out I am sure he will take right off. 
Isaac trying out the SUP for the first time.
 Riley was up after Tresajo and he took right off like it was nothing! I had a sneaking suspicion that he would enjoy it and I was right-  he loved it! We couldn't get him off of the board!
Once each of the kids had a turn it was my turn to try it out! It was so much fun watching them experience this new "active" adventure but finally it was my turn to check it out! I had been so excited and had been looking forward to trying it out since I had first heard about it but as it got closer I started to get nervous- I didn't want to make a fool of myself and fall off! The boys each doing so well also put more pressure on me to do well!
I started off by getting on my knees and just paddling out a bit and then worked my way up to standing. As soon as I was up and going I knew it was something that I really enjoyed doing! It was so peaceful and relaxing out on the lake and I could see myself doing this in the future! I don't exactly know what I expected- in some ways it was easier than I expected and in some ways it was just as hard as I expected. Like I said earlier it was windy and wavy so it was important to take on the waves head on. If you got turned sideways the waves made it much harder to balance. It was a great full body workout and  my thighs were burning from trying to keep my balance.
After going out a ways and getting the feel for it I headed back to take Aidan out for a quick ride so he could try it out too! As we were paddling out he said, "I could do this all day! I love this!". I on the other hand couldn't have done it all day with him along! It was much harder with him on too. I nearly lost it a couple of times but it was worth it for him to be able to experience it with us. I should add that the water is pretty shallow going out a ways so where I went with him he could probably still reach if we were to fall in.

My first SUP experience and taking Aidan out for a ride.

Once I got back Julie took her turn! She looked like a natural as well! She made a quick trip out and back and was done- earlier she hit her one foot on a rock on the beach and probably broke a few toes so it was hard to grip the board to help keep her balance! The kids took turns on the boards to finish out the hour that we had them.
Julie, Tresajo, and Jace taking their turns on the SUP.
 We all had a lot of fun on the SUP! As soon as we had turned them in the talk started of when we could do it again. The boys also started talking about wanting one of our own so we could do it at home and when we visit Papa and Grandma at the Lake of the Ozarks. A SUP savings fund needs to be started so we can get one for next year! They also started talking about bringing Tim back so he could try it out too since he had to miss out on our first adventure! I have to say that I loved it as well and think Tim will be hooked once he tries it.
Once we were done with the SUP the kids played for a while in the water again and before we knew it we needed to head for home. It was a great day and we can't wait to do it again soon!
Have you ever tried SUP?
What is a new "active" adventure that you have tried recently?

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