Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Weekly Chase

It is already Tuesday which means that I am a day late posting for the Weekly Chase! The boys and I were off having fun yesterday and I didn't have enough time to post before heading off to work for the afternoon/evening. We only have this week left before school starts so we are making the most of it!

Yesterday morning I got a call from one of the mom's that we met through baseball this summer wanting to do something - she is a teacher and it was her last day of summer break. We decided to take our boys (5 total) out for a bike ride.  I am not sure why we waited until one of the hottest days of the summer to do it but that was the case so we made the best of it. We got on the trail and headed to a local park where the boys could play in the rain simulator to cool off before making the trip back home. For me and Aidan it ended up to be about a 12 mile ride. Riley and Isaac did about 15 or so after they spent the afternoon with our friends and had to ride to their house and back. Even though it was hot we all enjoyed our ride with some great friends. I absolutely love that we have met other people who enjoy being active with their kids like we do! We are looking forward to more rides and other activities like this in the future!

I have to say that last spring when we found out what team Riley was on for baseball we were very worried and were not sure how it was going to work (tournament vs. league and the time commitment that went along with it). In the end it was such a blessing to our family! All things DO happen for a reason and they seem to have a way of working out just how they are suppose to.  The families were super supportive and were always willing to help out when others were in a pinch, needing a ride, or even taking a child in for the night so they wouldn't have to miss a tournament. We made so many great friends this summer - families that have similar interests and values that we have as a family and we look forward to more great adventures (not just summers) ahead! Now it is time to move onto football!

Here is how I did on my goals for last week:

Run 4 times- Done!
5 miles Monday
3.5 miles Tuesday
3.5 miles Thursday
5 miles Sunday
Cross train 2 times - missed this goal. I had a crazy week with work and time was limited so I focused on my running due to half marathon training.
2 core workouts (challenge goal)- added planks back in on a few days but that was it for core work.
Try 1 new healthy recipe- I have a list of recipes that I would like to try but it just didn't happen last week with all of my work commitments and extra hours. I did manage to make mostly healthy choices as far as meals were concerned so I will count that as a success!
Keep a food and workout journal (challenge goal)- SUCCESS!! I got back to it and kept track of what I ate (except over the weekend) and my workouts for the week. It really does help me when I write it down so I plan to continue with this goal!
Now here are my goals for this week:
Run 4 times- get all training runs in
Cross train 2 times
Daily plank
Try 1 new healthy recipe
Continue to keep my food and workout journal
Make the most of the last week of summer vacation!

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  1. Great goals and great job meeting them last week!