Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When will I learn?

We have been doing fairly good on the healthy/clean eating over the past week... well until last night! When will I learn that I can't keep the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies in the house? After a great workout and eating a wonderful salad last night for dinner the craving hit me! I NEEDED to make chocolate chip cookies - or maybe I should say just the dough! We almost always have everything we need in the house to make them so I whipped up the dough and that is when things fell apart. There will be no cookies because we don't have enough of the dough left to make them! It wasn't just me- my husband and even my kids participated in this little snack! They are no help to the situation. If I say I think we should make cookies they don't stop me! My craving is satisfied but now I regret it all! It wasn't worth it. When will I learn? I just need to keep the ingredients out of the house so things like this can't happen! I also need to make sure I have more willpower and control over the crazy cravings like this.

Today I got up and got a solid 4 miles in on the treadmill followed by some serious stretching. I also did my plank-a-day (2:10.8), my 100 squats, and some weighted side crunches. After a great workout and another wonderful salad for lunch I am moving on and trying to forget my craziness last night!

What things do you crave and give into?

How do you stop yourself and maintain control over cravings?


  1. I crave my diet soda, especially if I am stressed. Every now & then you are allowed a little something or you won't be able to last for the long haul. I give in but only have a small taste to satisfy the craving then get rid of the rest. After giving in I still have serious guilt & hit the gym extra hard the next day.

  2. I am slowly getting better. However, I still have my big binges and then feel so guilty afterwards. I know I used to have horrid eating problems so I just try my best to not let that stuff in the house. (I once ate an entire box of Funfetti cake mix in a bowl with just a bit of milk to make it creamy like batter!)
    In truth we all make mistakes, forgive yourself and remember it is about progress not perfection.