Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Weekly Chase #5

    The training plan for today said 3 miles and after the 13.1 miles in the snow, sleet, and rain on Sunday I wasn't sure if it was going to happen. As I drove to the Y I was just hoping to make the whole 3 miles. My legs are really feeling the difference from running on the treadmill to running outside the other day. I got on the treadmill and selected to run in Chicago on the Virtual Active setting (in my mind I was thinking that this was the flattest location of the options in the Virtual Active setting) and I took off. Much to my surprise it felt really good! My legs felt great and I found my groove very quickly. I enjoyed some new songs on my iPod and before I knew it I was at 3 miles but I wasn't ready to be done! I decided to keep going but not to push it too much so I ended at 4 miles. It felt great to have such a strong run this soon after running the virtual half on Sunday!
    Now onto The Weekly Chase!
Let's recap last weeks goals:
  1. Plank-a-day challenge- I did good until Friday and that is where I stopped doing them for the week. Thursday's plank was pretty week after doing a great arm workout the night before. Need to continue to work on this goal.
  2. Get back to doing my daily squats- Again, I did great with this until Friday. I was sore from the workouts earlier in the week and opted to take a rest day so I would be ready for the 13.1 miles we had planned on Sunday.
  3. Get all of my half/full marathon training runs in (per the Hal Higdon training plan)- Done! I am proud to say that I got all of my training runs in!
  4. Get my Scentsy Family business re-organized and book 2 parties (Scentsy, Grace Adele, or Velata)- Started to work on getting organized but need to keep this as a goal for this week. Need to get some parties booked for Feb.
  5. Make healthy choices when it comes to snacks and eating. Start moving towards "clean" and healthy eating. - I feel like I did really good on this. We went to the store and got more produce and other healthy foods to have in the house. Other than pizza on Friday night we did pretty good.
  6. Complete the MRTT Winter Runnerland 13.1 - Done! It wasn't pretty but it is done.
Now for my goals this week:
  1. Plank-a-day challenge- Do a plank every day. This week I am not going to worry about increasing my time each time I do it. I just want to make sure I am getting them in. In the back of my mind I am always trying to better my time but I won't beat myself up over it if I am not feeling it one day. I will get it done and be happy with that!
  2. Daily squats- keep at them. I notice a difference in my running when I stick with it.
  3. Add back in some core work this week- Get in 2-3 sessions of some type of core exercise.
  4. Make friends with my foam roller. Roll for 10-15 minutes daily.
  5. Work my Scentsy Family business- get working on my tax information and get 2 parties booked for next month.
Check out Mindy's blog Road Runner Girl or Molly's blog Thinking Loudly to see what goals others have. You can also particpate by linking up your own Weekly Chase post and get support from others!

Do you follow a training plan? If so, which plan do you follow?
What are your goals for this week?


  1. Great job on those goals last week girl! And wow!!! 13.1 miles in the snow, sleet, and rain? You ROCK!!! Glad your 4 miler felt great! Good luck with your goals this week! I'm interested in how you do your daily squats...do you have a certain number that you do each day?

    1. Thank you Mindy! As for the squats- in December I participated in a challenge that a Facebook workout group had going on- it started at the beginning of the month with 20 squats and you did them adding 5 each day. Then in January I followed (for the most part) a printable chart that Run With Jess had on her blog. She just posted a new chart for February fitness challenges and she doesn't have squats on it so I am thinking I will continue to do 50 a day. Here is the address to the Feb. challenges that she posted today. http://www.runwithjess.com/p/printables.html

  2. How did your eating go this week so far?? Keep up the great work through the weekend!

  3. My eating has been pretty good this week so far. I have not been perfect but I have been better than in the past. The eating is a work in progress. This weekend should be pretty good because I am working all weekend. The only test is going to be all of the goodies that everyone brings. I always take my own lunches but the stuff that my co-workers bring could get me into trouble. I have a goal and I am determined to stick to it this weekend! Thanks for your encouragement!!