Wednesday, December 9, 2015


How is it almost Christmas? Wasn't this just last week?

My sneaky way of getting some Halloween photos on here that never seemed to make it:)
Really it doesn't feel like Halloween was already over a month ago!

The calendar says December, but it sure hasn't felt like it here in Wisconsin. It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit with no snow and temperatures in the 40's.

photo courtesy of WKBT News 8

Don't get me wrong... I am not complaining! I LOVE the weather that we are having! It definitely helped me stay on track this past weekend with some good outdoor runs.

Saturday afternoon run with my hubby

Sunday afternoon run with my hubby

Another post-Sunday run... and just because it is a decent picture that I am not ashamed off:)
I really wish this weather would stick around all winter!

Even if it isn't feeling like Christmas, the hustle and bustle has begun. We "hunted" for our tree and after 3 days or so we finally got it decorated.

Look at those adorable Santas!

New tradition: an ornament from vacation or that represents our year.
We need to find a Virginia one since we decided on this new tradition after that trip!

traditional photos in front of the tree... some serious and some silly
Gifts are being purchased and some are even wrapped. The holiday celebrations are also already starting. We have our first celebration this weekend! And another next weekend. And another the weekend after that! It is a busy but wonderful time of year!

I have to admit that I am starting to get a bit anxious about my fitness and nutrition over the next several weeks! We will be doing a lot of traveling and I won't exactly be in control of my food options and my daily routine (which I am learning are keys to MY success). It is going to be about balance for me... making sure to watch portion sizes while making the best choices possible and getting in daily exercise. I will keep in mind my goals and focus on those while making my choices.

In my last post I talked about getting my mind-set and intentions in the right place with my workouts and nutrition. I also said that all of my hard work would eventually lead to results and how I often sabotage myself just when that starts to happen. I don't want that to happen again but I also want to enjoy the holidays! This is a tough time of year but I know it is possible to stay on track!

Over the past 4-6 weeks I have focused in and it is starting to pay off. I have seen some results on the scale (down 4-5 pounds). What is even more exciting is the NSV (non scale victory- which I am really working on believing is MOST important) that I had today when doing measurements again... I am down 6.5 inches overall! Every measurement was down at least 1/4 inch... that is super exciting! That tells me that even if I am not seeing it on the scale, what I am doing is working!

My trainer/friend posted this today on her Facebook page and I LOVE it!
I am also really working on paying attention to "how I feel" and using that as a marker of success. I have to say that I am feeling pretty good! I am feeling less bloated and am feeling so much stronger. I am really enjoying getting back to strength training and love the feeling of pushing myself again.

If you remember back in early November, I did some soul searching and decided to make a change at work and it has been wonderful! I am so happy that I decided to make that change. It was a tough decision and I really miss working with some people but everyday I feel like it was the right decision for me and my family.

I have to say that all of these things together have really helped me get back to a better place! I am finally feeling like ME again! I am starting to believe in myself again and get back to my positive way of thinking. I know I have a long way to go on this journey but I am making progress and am happy with where I am at.

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