Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New month...

Are you ready?
 I am! Let's do this!!
I got this month off to a strong start with an amazing workout this morning- 15 minutes of rowing (and I don't take it easy when on the rower) followed by my favorite yoga class. I decided that I hadn't had enough (and I knew tonight wasn't going to allow for my strength training workout) so I headed back up to the wellness center for a lower body strength workout that left my legs feeling pretty shaky!  After doing upper body last night and lower body today I am feeling it! I am gonna be sore tomorrow and probably even the next day but it is all good because it means I am putting in the work and getting stronger.
It is a good thing that I work the next two days because I think I am going to need a couple of rest days. I put it all out there in my workouts the past couple of days and have really refocused my diet. I feel like my mind-set and intentions are finally in the right place with my workouts and I am making progress with my nutrition. Now, I just need to believe that all of this hard work will lead to new results. But this is one area that I continue to struggle... believing in myself. Through this journey I have learned that I have a bad habit of self-sabotage when I start to make progress and see results. I have made the conscious decision that I am not going to let that happen this time! I want to see the rewards of all of my hard work and I want to believe in myself.
As I head out to get Aidan to his first night of basketball (5:30-6:30 at one school), Riley to jazz band practice (6:00-7:30 at a different school), and then Isaac to basketball practice (6:45-8:15 back at school one), I leave you (and myself) with this very cute message...


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