Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's go

I have had some great workouts lately
and am finally getting into a good routine as far as my workouts go!
I should add that it hasn't always been easy getting there though!
Here is a recent text conversation with my best friend that shows just what I am talking about:
Me @ 8:57 AM: "Lacking motivation today!!!!"
Her: "It's actually nice out! Not too windy, no rain yet! I'm trying to get this damn room painted so I can go run"
Me: "My legs feel dead today! May go swim but need to get moving. Just want to nap but now I am up so that won't happen."
Her: "Don't sit down! keep going before ur mind figures out what u r doing!"
Me: "Too late!!!! Sat down to eat breakfast and started watching a show."
Me with the picture below: "Maybe it should be a rest day so I don't have to give this up. Cozy;)"
Her: :(
Insert some chatter about work and needing to win the lottery.
Me with the picture below: "Mollie says lets snuggle today!"
Her: "Awwwww! Take ur rest day & work hard tomorrow! cute sweater! watch ur eating today if no workout.
Me: "$4.97 at Wal-Mart. The guilt is gonna get me! My eating is making good progress:) just need to keep going in that direction. The Halloween treats we made yesterday did get me though:( "
Her: "Ohhh but they looked good! I feel like I am more hungry on the days I don't work out. Weird.
Me: "I don't get it either but agree with you!!"
Me with picture below @ 9:40: " On my way..."
Me with picture below: "Here we go... first step is always the hardest!!!"
Me: "Pool is packed:( Good thing I packed running stuff too!"
Me @ 10:51 AM: "5 miles done! 48:24 Super excited about the scale today!!!! Back to where I had been sitting for a while- xxx.x :) Now to get back below xxx!!!" (NOTE: I am not ready to share these numbers but am working on getting to the point of sharing them in the future.)
Me @ 10:53 AM: "That run felt pretty damn good!! Next time I am talking lazy and crazy tell me that I am being CRAZY!!!!!"
Then I posted the following picture on social media.
Was feeling tired and lazy this morning after working
 the past 5 days (4 of them until 11 PM)
then the guilt started to hit so I got my butt to the Y
and had a great 5 mile #run.
Crazy thinking almost got me today but I won!!
Now look back at the times some of those were sent!
It took me almost as long to get motivated to go
as it did to actually do my workout.
Now think about the emotions tied to each of those periods of time.
Sitting at home:
tired, guilt, laziness, lack of motivation, depressed
proud, accomplished, excited, motivated, energetic, full of life
If I would have gotten my butt moving-
I would have been able to feel all of those positive emotions
of getting in such a great workout that much sooner!
In the end I was so glad that I got up and got it done!
I didn't let myself make excuses and I pushed through that bump in the road.
I have never regretted a workout-
I always feel so much better once I do it!
There have been plenty of times when I haven't pulled myself out of the crazy talk
and I always regret it and feel guilty later!
NO EXCUSES!! Let's go...
Having an accountability partner is a must for me!
I am very lucky that my best friend has similar goals-
running/fitness/healthy lifestyle/active living.
We text almost daily to see what the plan is for the day
and to encourage/motivate each other to keep at it!
It is a cycle and she keeps me on track!

I love this quote/graphic from Fellow Flowers- 

These are all things that I need to remember and
I am guessing that I am not alone!
Living an active/healthy lifestyle is a journey-
it doesn't happen over night.
It won't be easy.
There will be bumps in the road.
There will be days that you will want to give-up. 
Don't give up!
Focus on the progress!
Remember why you started!
Stay focused!
Give it your all!
Make sure that you have someone
to help push you,
 motivate you
and keep you on track!
Let's go and keep going!

Have you ever regretted a workout?

 Do you have an accountability partner? who?

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