Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Consequences and rewards

Why is it that when I don't workout
I am more hungry
than on days when I do workout?
Why is it that when I don't workout
 I crave junk?
This is why physical activity (of some kind)
is necessary for me each day. 
Running and working out really are like medication to me
and when I don't get it routinely
bad things happen.
Take for example what happened on a rest day last week!
last weeks rest day may have resulted in poor choices!
I didn't even care about the cookies-
it was the cookie dough that I was craving.
I had a few some bites of the dough and
quickly made it into cookies that were then given away.
I had a bump in the road
but I realized what I was doing,
corrected and recovered quickly!!
I couldn't agree with this statement more!
When I don't run or workout it isn't pretty!
I am
and impatient.
this is very true for me
There are a lot of changes at work for me right now
and exercising daily is playing a very important part
in me maintaining balance and 
in keeping me sane!

 Exercise is my "happy place".
It improves my mood
and changes my whole attitude around.
It may sound crazy
but it relaxes me.
I know there are plenty of people out there
that are thinking I am completely crazy right now
and a few years ago I may have thought the same thing.
The first step out the door
 is still hard sometimes 
but I never regret
getting a good workout in.

 There is nothing like a good sweat!
It releases so much more than
just toxins from my body!
Working out is a habit for me
just like taking medication daily.
The rewards are so worth it.
I don't want to face the consequences
on a daily basis or the larger ones
that come down the road from in-activity.
Everyone has their "thing"
that they turn to
when they are stressed.
For some people these things are negative
like food, drugs, alcohol, etc.
I decided to change this in my life and
I hope that I am showing my kids
all of the great benefits of exercise.
It isn't always about doing it to lose weight.
There are so many other great benefits!

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