Thursday, October 24, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) Chilly 4-k Field Trip
Tuesday morning this was the temperature
as I left the warm heated seats in my car to load a bus
with a bunch of 4 year-olds to visit a local corn maze!
 Once we were there
and I was chasing trying to keep up with
my four year old
and one other that was assigned to me
it wasn't so bad.
my field trip buddies

Aidan was excited that I was able to come
 While in the corn maze
we had to hunt for the alphabet
because the farm animals stole them
and hid them there.
Aidan was on the hunt for an 'A'
and look what we were able to find!
proud to have found HIS 'A'
 After spending some time in the corn maze
we went on a wagon ride,
had a snack,
got to play some games,
and pick little pumpkins.
Aidan was pretty proud of his little pumpkin.
 It was chilly but in the end
we didn't care
because we were having fun!
having fun at the corn maze/farm
Aidan loved the farm but I think one of the highlights for him
was riding a BIG bus!
The 4-K kids ride a little bus
to and from school
so this was a first for him.
Riding on the BIG bus
 2) Time for winter running apparel
The temps have really started to drop
making it necessary
to dress warmer when we run outside.
For our run on Tuesday afternoon
I had to bring out:
hats (for Tim and Aidan),
my headband,
and my fleece-lined long sleeve shirt.
I do have to admit
that even when we have to bundle up
I still enjoy running in the cold
way more
than running in the heat.
It can be hard to get out there
but in the end
I am always
happy that I did.
Having great running buddies helps too!
Tuesday's running buddies
Now that Aidan is in school
and I am use to running without the stroller-
holy cow!!
Pushing a four year old for 3.5 miles is tough-
but I have missed running with my little buddy.
He has been with me on my running journey since it started!
Until the last few months
running with him in the stroller
was the only thing I knew.
my little buddy
He is getting so big!
It might be time to build his endurance on his bike
so he can ride beside me instead of me having to push him.
3) Our most recent family picture
This photo was taken after our run on Tuesday
and I LOVE it.
I have not forgotten that I have three boys-
look very close.
We are ALL in the picture!

love my photo bombers!
 I hope you are having a good week!
What are your plans for the weekend?
I will be working all weekend!

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