Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Taking time

WOW! 13 days since my last post!
Where does the time go?
It feels like I just wrote that last post about our anniversary.
As a family we have been busy.
I know none of these things probably come as a surprise to you-
I am not the most regular with my posts and that is something that I am working on changing.
I also comment a lot about time flying by and our family being busy-
those are both things that are not going to change.
We keep moving forward,
 doing the best we can
and trying to take time
 to enjoy life  along the way. 
Over the past couple of weeks
we have done pretty good
taking time  to do just that.
Almost two weeks ago
 we packed up
 and headed to
for a long weekend.
Relax, Sitback, and Enjoy!
My dad and step-mom have a house near Osage Beach,
right along the Lake of the Ozarks.

They are getting ready to remodel
and needed help clearing out the house.
The trip was part work,
but was also part play.
Here are some of the highlights of the play...
We did some hiking.
 We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by doing some hiking along the Wonderland Camp trail.
My step-mom is the grand-daughter of the founder of the camp.
In the future we plan to do some volunteer work at the camp as a family.
Enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the opportunity to be outside exploring.
 We hiked to the Wonderland Camp tree house
and made a new friend along the way.
The boys thought we should
"save" him
and help him back to the water.
Our new friend Twiggy!
 On the way they named
our new friend
We put him
in the water
and he was HAPPY...
for a minute!
Then he started
heading back in the direction of the hill.
Not sure if we
"saved" him
made his life
much harder.
In the interest of
my three boys-
we are going with- SAVED!
Acorns or weapons?
 During our hike
the boys enjoyed collecting acorns.
Said acorns,
may or may not
have been used as
weapons on the hike
back down the hill.
 There was time spent fishing.
Aidan tried it but didn't have much patience for it.
Riley and Isaac love to fish.
They are great about doing it all themselves.
Paddle-boating and spending time with Uncle Eric
 There was also lots of time spent paddle-boating.
We learned the my step-brother
is deathly afraid of spiders.
How did we learn this you ask-
he nearly capsized the boat his first trip out (alone)
when he spotted a spider in it with him.
Lucky for him,
Tim was able to save the day and kill the spider for him.
After that the boys went along and were on "spider watch".
It was great to see them spending time with him
and to see how great he is with them!
 There were a few trips out in the boat.
 It was a bit chilly but it was also a great way to see the lake.
Love my boys:)
We all love going to the lake,
being outside,
being active,
and exploring in whatever way we can.
trying out the canoe for the first time
 Riley and Isaac were the only ones brave enough
to try out the canoe.
They did a great job!
We had a great time exploring on the Kubota!
I think that was Aidan's favorite activity-
especially after seeing a few snakes in the water.
While exploring we found a great place
to take some pictures.
Of course we had to go back to get pictures
of the other boys too!

There is something about being at "the lake"-
it is so peaceful
and relaxing.
Life doesn't feel as rushed!
When I am there I feel like I appreciate things more.
It was so much fun to spend time with the boys
and see them so excited-
just to be there,
to hike,
to fish,
to go on the paddle-boat,
to go on the boat,
to ride in the Kubota,
to canoe,
to explore,
just to be together as a family.
Simple things!
It was also great to see them
so willing to help out
when it came time to do the work-
doing what they could,
learning how to do new things,
and working together
to help their family.

Riley spotted this on a step going down to the dock.
While we were gone there were no workouts
and I am ok with that (sort of, I am trying to be).
I did something to my back/neck before leaving
so it worked out
as a chance to rest
and maybe for a good reason-
telling me to slow down
and take time
to love my life as it is!


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