Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keeping promises

This morning I was tired.
I didn't want to get out of bed.
It was chilly and I was all cozy and warm snuggled in my bed.
I thought about the possibility of a nap after getting the boys off to school.
I have to work this afternoon (until 11 PM) and then I have to be up and back to work for an early morning meeting - a nap could be justified.
I had all kinds of excuses this morning but I didn't give in!
I kept my promise to myself -
 got up,
got dressed in my workout clothes,
ate a quick, healthy breakfast,
45 seconds and I had a great pre-run breakfast
dropped the boys off at school,
and headed out for a run.
I wasn't feeling it in the beginning -
it was a chilly 45 degrees,
my hands were cold,
my body was sore from yesterday's workout,
but I kept going.
I just listened to my music and I took everything in.
 I stopped for a few seconds to notice all of the beauty around me.
I am so blessed that I am able to run.
How can I not enjoy running on a beautiful day like this?
My view at 2 miles
I love running the in fall.
I love the cooler temps.
I love seeing the colors changing.
I love the crunch of the leaves under my feet!
As I was running I took time to enjoy all of these things.
Despite "not feeling it" in the beginning -
it turned out to be a great run.
I was able to push myself and was pretty happy with these negative splits!
Check out those 8's.
And what is that I see at the bottom -
do I see a 7:xx on my watch????
It was only for a 1/2 mile but I did it!!!
Feeling pretty proud of myself!
I am so glad I kept that promise to myself.
If I had taken a nap after taking the boys to school I would have missed out on all of that-
the beautiful weather,
the great views around me,
and that great feeling of accomplishment and pride when I saw those numbers!
As I walked around the block to "cool down"
I kicked the leaves like a little kid
and just took in that feeling!
first run of the season in pants

4.5 miles complete!

My run was done but I wasn't finished yet.
I followed that up with the Chris Powell "Endurance Shaper" -
20 sec of work followed by 10 sec of rest
x6 for each exercise
It was tough and I had sweat dripping off me
but it was another promise kept and it felt great in the end.
I took about 20-30 minutes to do some good stretching
and ended my workout with this plank:

10/2/13 Plank
All of this before 10 AM!
A quick shower
and it was on to meal prep for the next few days -
more about that tomorrow.

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  1. I love running through the leaves! Your pics are great and I totally understand wanting to stay in bed, especially now that it's cooler in the morning.