Friday, May 1, 2015

Goodbye April, Hello May

 Riley has been participating in middle school track and has already had his first three (yep, you read that right- 3) meets. I know you are shocked that you haven't seen pictures yet! The first meet we ran off without thinking to take the camera (and I also don't seem to have any of the stats on that one). I know this is a shocker for those that know me well! After last night's meet pictures have FINALLY made it from the camera to the computer!
La Crescent Meet- April 23, 2015
Discus, Long Jump and 1600M
The boys team took 1st place in the La Crescent meet!
Here are Riley's stats:
1600M- 5:51.50 (6th Place)
Long Jump- 13-08 (6th Place)
Discus- 54-02 (19th Place)
Sparta Meet- April 30, 2015
Long Jump and High Jump
Scratched 1600M due to a sore hamstring
If you remember, last summer he participated in a summer track program through our Park and Rec and did long jump and sprints. He really enjoyed the long jump so he stuck with that but realized that he was a better long distance runner so switched to 1600M. He has also been trying new things like the discus and high jump. Last night he did high jump in the meet after only practicing one night. He has been doing a great job and it has been fun to watch him and all of his friends (WOW- it is crazy how much they have all grown and changed this year!)
It is too bad that baseball and track run at the same time once they get to high school. He seems to really be enjoying track but baseball is definitely his main sport/love! Track will probably be limited to middle school for this kid. It does sound like he plans to stick with cross country though so we will still get to see him continue to run.
As I was going through pictures I came across these from this past weekend and I had to share! I can't believe how big my "baby" is getting. He looks so old here :(
He was such a great helper with the mulch... well at least while I did the front yard!
Before heading off to the track meet yesterday, all of the stars aligned and I had pretty close to the perfect run (for me). The weather was beautiful! The temp was right where I like it and there was a light breeze. My body was on board for a change- both my legs and lungs got their act together at the same time! My mind was focused and was enjoying everything about this run... it was just what I needed! I have had so many tough runs lately that I NEEDED this run to push aside some of my worry and self-doubt. I know that everyone has tough runs and that not every run can feel wonderful but I felt like I was really struggling lately. It is very true that all of those tough runs make you appreciate the good ones that much more!
Instagram pic from yesterday
I guess that pretty much wraps up our April and we are moving onto May!
May is a busy month for us- birthdays (one kiddo entering double digits and one becoming a teenager), graduations, track, soccer, baseball getting into full swing (pun intended) and school winding down for the year and all of concerts, activities, and field trips that comes along with that. It is crazy to think that it is already that time of the year! With everything that we have coming up this month I am sure that May will be gone just as fast as it snuck up on us.

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