Thursday, April 30, 2015

Determination, Ambition, Action, Persistence

Since my last post, where I really "put it out there" about my current struggles, I have felt a huge sense of relief! Maybe it was because I was finally able to say it and get it off my chest. Maybe it was because I was acknowledging how I felt and really took time to think about it and process it all. Maybe it was because of ALL of these things or maybe it was NONE of these things! No matter what... it was "freeing"! Going through that process (writing, reading, reviewing, reflecting) also helped me refocus and find my determination again.
After writing that post and reading it over and over again I have a better sense of who I am and what I need to do. I am more determined than ever to help myself. Hopefully by sharing my journey I can help others by letting them know that they are not alone and that this journey isn't always easy- there are ( and will continue to be) bumps in the road that you have to overcome.
Ambition is the first step to finding success on this journey (and on any journey) but it is not going to be enough. You also have to be willing to take ACTION and continue to take ACTION even when it is tough to do so. It isn't taking action one time and BOOM you have success. You have to keep taking action everyday- even in what may seem like very small ways. Then you have to be able to recognize those small (sometimes very, very small) actions as success and steps in the right direction.

Those small actions everyday will begin to add up. You just have to be patient and keep moving forward and fighting for it. Don't give up and you will reach your goal. But it will take time. It will be hard. It will be very hard. In the end it will be worth it.

 I have been working out- running, biking, doing Piyo. I have been working on eating clean (or at least cleaner). I have been working on making better choices in all areas of my life!

Over the past few weeks I have refocused my determination and ambition. I have been taking action every day- even if it is in small ways. I have been taking time to reflect and appreciate each small step in the right direction. Have I been "perfect"? Absolutely NOT! Did I eat a cookie AND a brownie the other day when at a training for work? YEP! Did I beat myself up over it? NO! I decided it was what it was and that beating myself up over it wasn't going to get me anywhere. I acknowledged that I shouldn't have made that choice and that I would make a better decision the next time I was in that situation and then I made sure to get in a good workout that night. Overall I count that as a success. I made small progress in the right direction. I reflected on my choice and moved forward.
I will continue to fight each and every day! I won't give up and I won't let little bumps in the road stop me from reaching my goals!
Here is an overview of some of the past few weeks:
working on being more consistent with my running

continuing with Piyo

spending "active time" with family

choosing to do the "hard" workouts

taking it all in and being aware of what's around me

pushing myself

finally getting projects done- also mulched the whole yard but didn't get pictures of that

being present

more "active time" as a family
Overall it has been a pretty good few weeks! I feel like I have gotten my DETERMINATION and AMBITION back (I think the wonderful weather has greatly helped in this area). I have been able to take ACTION in many ways (not only workout wise). Now I just need to continue with my PERSISTENCE in moving forward. My husband likes to tell me that I am stubborn and I hate that word so I often say that I am persistent or determined so this shouldn't be too difficult! I just need to apply my "persistence/determination" in the right places!

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