Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Houston... we have a problem

Well, actually we have a couple of problems. The first and probably the biggest problem that we are facing right now is this:
Yep, that is right... FOUR ice cream buckets FULL of candy (and Easter was already two days ago so you can bet that there was a bunch more)! I am sure if you talked to my three boys (or even my hubby) they probably wouldn't agree with me in the fact that this is a very real problem right now in our house. The boys think they are in heaven but these four buckets are torture for this momma who has a sweet tooth and is working very hard to get back on track with better eating! I am calling on every ounce of willpower that I can find to keep myself out of these buckets and to keep making progress in the right direction. It's not going to be easy!
The other problem that I am referring to is this:
Where did the time go and when did these guys get so big? I guess this one really isn't a problem... it is just a case of life getting away from me. I am really working on embracing each new stage of life as they get older but it is always fun to look back too:)
Other than being overwhelmed by lots of candy (and other great food) and realizing just how much my boys are growing up, we had a pretty good Easter weekend. There was lots of food, family and fun! I hope that you had a great weekend too. Here is a quick review of our weekend in pictures.
Easter fun with Grandma Jane

Easter breakfast, Egg hunt, and service with Grandma Judy who ended up with a hairline fracture in her arm after a fall while hiding eggs at her house on Saturday

Riley (12), Isaac (9), Aidan (5)
Enjoying Grandma Betty's farm while hunting eggs

Some of my favorite 'random' pictures from Grandma Betty's
There were a few things missing from our Easter weekend- Papa & GJ (who moved to Missouri almost a year ago) and some good workouts to offset all of the food and candy (projects and family activities didn't allow for much else). Hopefully a visit with Papa & GJ will be in the near future!
Now that we are back home and have our routine again we are back to our normal workouts as well. We are still going strong on the Piyo challenge and are really enjoying it! I will have more on that in the future!

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