Monday, April 13, 2015

Club Human

There was an additional problem that I noticed in my last post that I didn't mention. In looking at the pictures it is very clear that I have put on some weight. Honestly, other than when I was pregnant, I am at my heaviest weight. I really do NOT like the number that I am seeing on the scale and I have been beating myself up over it.  But, that isn't getting me where I want to be so it is time to make some changes- both in my thinking and in my habits.
I am a member. Are you?
Time and time again, I have made similar posts or have had similar conversations with friends about falling off the wagon with my eating habits and getting back on. I have "gotten back on again" so many times that I am starting to think that I might just be an expert on it! Now I just need to figure out how to stay on! I know "slip-ups" are bound to happen (donuts, cookies, desserts, potlucks, etc are everywhere) but I don't have to completely fall off the wagon. I NEED to stop letting that happen.

Over the past several years, "falling off the wagon" has definitely evolved. We (Tim and I) have really made huge strides in our eating habits since we were first married. To give ourselves some credit we have not TOTALLY "fallen of the wagon" and gone back to where we were. I hate to think where we would be now if those changes hadn't happened! Maybe what I am thinking of as "falling of the wagon" are more like plateaus in our journey.

As I look back over the past several years, I am noticing a pattern. I feel like just when I start to make great progress that is when I start to let things slide a bit. I don't know if I start to get comfortable or what the deal is but for some reason I start to hold myself back just when I feel like I am starting to really succeed.

Here is a great example: A year ago I was doing so good. I was at one of my lowest weights (that I can remember) and I was feeling so good and so proud myself. I don't even know what happened. I am sure I could come up with all kinds of excuses- I changed positions at work. I switched to 12 hour shifts. My daily routine changed. My stress/frustration level went way up. My boys got busier with activities. My list could go on and on. Those things are all apart of life and they are going to continue to happen and I need to figure out better ways (than food and eating) to deal with those. Ultimately I am holding myself back! I lost my focus on my eating habits and over time I got down on myself for it. I let all of those excuses become justification that took over my rational thinking.
I know what I need to do- Focus back in on making good choices on my food; eat clean, limit sugar, portion control, and STOP HOLDING MYSELF BACK! DON'T LET EXCUSES GET IN THE WAY!

My new motto
 Oh, and I need to be patient and trust the process (and myself). All things that are a struggle for me! The "work hard" from the graphic above hasn't really been much of a struggle. Actually, even though I am at my heaviest weight right now, I feel like I am probably the strongest I have been. We have been working hard on our Piyo workouts and are both noticing big changes in our strength and flexibility. My legs are feeling tighter and more toned than they ever have! Now it is time to balance those workouts with more running and biking and a better focus on our diet.

I NEED to remember this!
and this!
Today I got in a 5 mile run- it wasn't wonderful and my lungs were not very happy but it was just what I needed! 

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